Susan Elizabeth Blow

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  • Birth

    Susan Elizabeth Blow was born in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Great Fire

    Great Fire
    Susan lived in a home on the Mississippi riverfront until she was six years old. In 1849, a great fire burned the riverfront and downtown St. Louis. It destroyed many buildings, including Susan’s home. Henry Taylor Blow moved his family to Carondelet, a French settlement five miles downriver from St. Louis.
  • Private School

    Private School
    Susan attended a private school in New York City but her education was cut short because of the Civil War. Susan studied on her own using the family library.
  • Germany

    Four years after the Civil War, Henry Taylor Blow was appointed ambassador to Brazil. Susan went with her father and worked as his secretary for fifteen months. Afterwards, she traveled to Germany. There she had an experience that gave the rest of her life direction.
  • First Public Kindergarten

    First Public Kindergarten
    After observing Friedrich Froebel teaching in Germany, she started studying everything she could about teaching Kindergarten. She opened the first public kindergarten at the Des Peres School in Carondelet.
  • Retired

    She retired in 1884 and traveled to improve her health. In 1889 she left St. Louis and moved east. In New York and Boston, Blow wrote books and taught about the kindergarten movement.
  • Teaching Teachers

    Teaching Teachers
    From 1905 to 1909 Blow taught at the Teachers College, Columbia University. Susan taught kids in the mornings and teachers in the afternoon.
  • Death

    Susan Blow toured the country giving lectures until three weeks before her death.