Sukhmani Melany Jorge And Chris

  • Outbreak of the War

    Outbreak of the War
    Between France, Britain, and Spain
  • French Revolution Begins

    French Revolution Begins
    This lead to the start of the Haitian Revolution
  • Uprising in the North Plain

    Uprising in the North Plain
  • Emancipation

    Emancipation decreases during the summer of 93 to the winter of 94
  • Changing Touissaint

    Changing Touissaint
    Touissaint change sides in the spring of 1794
  • Toussaint's secret

    Toussaint's secret treaty with in England 1798/99.
  • War

    War between Toussaint and André Rigaud between 1799-1800
  • British occupation

    British occupation between 1793-98.
  • Toussaint's constitution

    Toussaint's constitution, and occupation of Santo Domingo 1801.
  • War

    War of Independence 1802-3.