Suffragette Time Line

Timeline created by Olympe_BROQUA
  • Foundation of WSPU (Women’s Social and Political Union) in Manchester by Emmeline Pankhurst

  • Emmeline Pankhurst is arrested twice for protesting at Parliament

  • Arrest of other women on similar charges

  • Hunger strike by women in jail

  • Creation of a committee by a group of MPs (Members of Parliament) for the women vote

  • Protest at Parliament led by Pankhurst. Police brutality

  • Over 150 women arrested and death of Emmeline’s sister from her injuries

  • The WSPU attacks private property and arrest of Emmeline for smashing Prime Minister windows

  • Pankhurst is found guilty of conspiracy

  • Hunger strike in jail. WSPU prisoners want to be classified as political prisoners

  • Manhood Suffrage Bill is dropped by the Government

  • WSPU adopts radical tactics : vandalization of art works, golf clubs and telephone wires destroyed

  • Pankhurst is found guilty of inciting this violence. Her sentence: 3 years’ penal servitude

  • The Cat and Mouse Act (Prisoners’ Temporary Discharge for Ill Health Act) is enacted. Pankhurst is in and out of jail.

  • Arrest of Pankhurst for trying to give a petition to the King

  • Period: to

    World War I : Pankhurst is released and supports war effort

  • Parliament grants British Women limited suffrage

  • Death of Emmeline Pankhurst

  • Women’s suffrage on equal terms to men is enacted by Parliament