Sue Rodriguez

  • Sue Rodriguez is Born

    Sue Rodriguez was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba on August 2nd 1950.
  • Rodriguez' pains

    Sue Rodriguez remembers how her little finger would involuntarily jerk away from her ring finger. But since she maintained an active and healthy lifestyle, as seen in this CBC Television clip, Rodriguez thought nothing of it. But when the twitching persisted, along with tightness in her arms and pain in her neck and lower back, Rodriguez decided to see a specialist.
  • She is diagnosed with amyotrophic laterel sclirosis in early 1991.

    After she was married Sue was diagnosed with amyotrophic laterel sclirosis in early 1991.
  • Sue goes to court.

    Sue took her cause to the Supreme Court of Canada twice losing both times. On September 30, 1993, in what would become a landmark decision, Rodriguez v. British Columbia (Attorney General), the SCC held 5-4 against her.
  • Sue decides to take her own life.

    On Febuary 12, 1994 Sue Rodriguez chose to take her own life with the help of an anonymous physican.
  • A film about Sue is made.

    A 1998 film called At the End of the Day: The Sue Rodriguez Story, with Wendy Crewson as Rodriguez, tells her story.