Strategic Deal Renewals

  • "A top pharma" company's tox deal with Covance

    In Q1 2008 Covance inked a three-year dedicated capacity toxicology contract worth upwards of $66m with "a top pharma company. The deal was up for renewal in Q1 2011.
  • Eli Lilly's EU site monitoring deal with Icon

    In November 2008 Eli Lilly entered into a three-year deal with Icon. The deal covered data management and site monitoring in Europe and is due for renewal in November.
  • Otsuka's clinical collaboration with Covance

    In March 2012 Otsuka's three-year Phase I-IIIb strategic collaboration with Covance will be up for renewal.
  • Amgen's tox capacity tie-up with Covance

    June 2013 will see the end of a siz-year toxicology deal between Amgen and Covance. Amgen got guarenteed tox capacity in a deal that added $150m to Covance's backlog.
  • B-MS' two partners deal

    In June 2013 three-year development support deals Bristol-Myers Squibb struck with Icon and Parexel will be due for renewal.
  • Merck's vaccine testing deal with PPD

    In January 2014 the five-year deal that accompanied the transfer of Merck's vaccine testing lab to PPD is due to end.
  • Merck & Covance's genomic services agreement

    Merck was busy in 2009, following up the PPD deal with a five-year agreement with Covance. The genomic services deal, worth $145m, is due for renewal in July 2014.
  • Pfizer's partnership with Parexel & Icon

    Pfizer looked to consolidate its vendor list in May 2011 and selected Icon and Parexel as its providers. In May 2016 the deal will be up for renewal.
  • Eli Lilly's tox deal with Covance

    In August 2008 Eli Lilly gave the strategic partnership concept a shot-in-the-arm by inking a 10-year deal with Covance. Lilly transferred a IN site to Covance as part of the $1.6bn deal that is up for renewal in August 2018.
  • Sanofi's wide-reaching Covance deal

    Sanofi leapt into the strategic deal game in October 2010 with a 10-year, $2.2bn partnership with Covance. In October 2020 the deal will be up for renewal.