Stone Garden, Molly Moynahan, Fiction, 342 pages

  • Stone Garden, chapters 1-3

    The main character is Alice, a 17 year old senior at Millstone Country Day. Alice's best friend from kindergarten was Matthew Swan. He has three sisters. His mother is a drinker and his dad left them for an 18 year old student. Matt went on a trip with a girlfriend planning to break up with her and return to Alice, his true love, but he never returns. Alice knows he's dead and news shows there were bones found that may be his. Page 1-48 Total: 365 pages
  • Stone Garden, chapter 4

    In homeroom, Isabelle, someone Alice doesnt really like, called their teacher a "dyke" and three othr students (including Alice) came back at her with other rude things to say. At lunch, Alice sat by this girl, Sigrid, who she never really talked to. she found out her dad was dying from cancer. Then her homeroom teacher, Ms. Hardwood took her inside her offce to talk. Thats wen Alice had a breakdown about Matthew. And his found bones. pages 48-70 total: 387
  • Stone Garden, chapters 5-8 (and part of 8)

    Alice starts going to the prison and teaching them how to write. Everyone thinks she should choose something else, but she likes it. Isabelle keeps brnging up Matt and saying rude things, tying to make Alice feel like Matt didn't like her, when he really did love her. Alice comes home one night to see her brother crying. He heard about the bones. Matt's sister, Samsara, saw Alice in a store and invited her to a celebration for Matt. Alice invited Sigrd to come with her. Page 70-140 total: 457
  • Stone Garden, Chapters 8-11

    Sigrid and Alice saw Morgan at Matt's celebration. Alice felt selfish, went to Morgan, and kissed him in front of Sigrid. She thought Sigrid liked him. From then on, Morgan thought Alice liked him, but she doesnt. While driving with her dad, Alice was having another fit. She opened the door and fell out. At the prison, Alice read what Frank did (Sigrid's babysitter's murderer). She felt bad. Matt's mom had a box of things she wanted her to have that were Matt's. pages 140-204 total: 521
  • Stone Garden, chapters 12-13

    Alice and Sigrid go to Ms. hardwood's house to open the box that Matt's mom gave her. Inside was many personal belongings with a book he made for their "children". Alice told her mom she was working with Frank, Sigrid's babysitter's murderer, and liked him. Her mother said that was very bad and had to tell Sigrid about it as soon as possible. When she told her, Sigrid got angery. Morgan asked Alice to prom and first she declined but finally said yes after him begging. pages: 204-238 total: 555
  • Stone Garden, Chapters 14-20

    Alice decided that she was going to have the prisoners write apology letters to the victoms and their families instead of poems. During the presentation, Frank read his letter, specifically telling everyone he killed Sigrid's babysitter. The next day was Alice's 18th birthday and everyone celebrated with her. She was going to Mexico with Matt's mom to get his ashes. Then she was gouing off to college. Her mom was sad but Alice was excited to start her life. pages 238-342 total: 659