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Steven Truscott Timeline

  • Steven Truscott start of crime

    Steven Truscott start of crime
    Steven Truscott at age 14 was giving a bike ride to friend/classmate Lynn Harper near an airforce based outside of Clinton, Ontario
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    Stephan Truscott Timeline

  • Finding Lynn Body

    Finding Lynn Body
    Lynn Harper body was found on this date in the nearby woods. She was raped and strangled and was found dead.
  • Steven Death Penalty

    Steven Death Penalty
    Steven Harper was sentenced to the death penalty but then was changed to life in prison
  • Trying To Fight Justice

    Trying To Fight Justice
    In an 8-1 decision from the judges, the Supreme Court rules against new trial
  • Relased From Prison

    Relased From Prison
    Truscott is released on parole and moves to Guelph, Ont., where he gets a new identity, marries, and raises three children.
  • Going Public

    Going Public
    Truscott goes public for the first time,he puts his innocence in a documentary broadcast on the CBC's The Fifth Estate. The program unveils new evidence to suggest that police may have been too hard on Stephan Harper
  • Help From Federal Minister

    Help From Federal Minister
    Federal Minister of Justice refers the case to the Ontario Court of Appeal for review, saying there's alot of evidence of mistaking what kind of justice occurred in this case.
  • Fail To Win

    Fail To Win
    Kaufman's who is the judge report on the Truscott case. The report says there was probably a mistake of justice in the case, but not enough new evidence to get back justice
  • Lies but Truth came out

    Lies but Truth came out
    Sandra Stolzman testifies Jocelyn Gaudet, who is a witness in Truscott's 1959 murder trial, admitted she lied under oath to her and a group of resident nurses Stolzmann also testifies that Gaude said knew that a man who was spotted driving a yellow car in the area should have been a witness also.
  • Another Witness Helping With Justice

    Another Witness Helping With Justice
    Bob Lawson, the farmer who owns the property where Harper's body was found, tells he saw a strange car parked near his fence line the night the 12-year-old disappeared.
  • Truth be told

    Truth be told
    A woman who was nine years old at the time Lynne Harper's murder tells the Ontario Court her original statement to the police was incorrect. Karen testifies at the review that she saw Steven Truscott on a bicycle giving a ride to Harper on a country road sometime after 7 p.m. on June 9, 1959
  • Justice served

    Justice served
    After the long fight the government of Ontario decides to give $6.5 million to give back for the justice back in 1959