Stereo Types

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  • Background Information On Gaby's Mom

    When Gaby's mom was 14 she had her first kid. Then she got kicked out of her house. Then she kept having kids. Then she wanted todivorce the father, but he got full custody. To this day those siblings think she left the kids and not there father. So she tried to keep in touch, but it didn't work out so good. So she moved away with her friend. She got in a car crash and killed him. She moved back to her home town. It was only soon after that she realized she was pregnant. That baby was Gaby.
  • Gaby's Childhood

    Gaby as a child was always quiet.
  • The Idea

    Gaby Rodrigeuz had a great idea. Snice all the seniors have to do a senior project, she thought she would fake a pregnancy to prove how bad stereo types have gotten. She planned everything out. She figured that once she got it approved, that a few weeks later she would start dropping hints to people. But she also thought of that it would be the right thing to do if she let some people in on it.
  • The Hints

    Gaby started her plan. Her and her best friend, Sadia, started dropping hints that she was "pregnant". Gaby and Sadia would talk about Gaby's "morning sickness" and talk about how Gaby would need to healthier now.
  • The Big Announcement To Teachers and Friends

    In mid December 2010, Gaby Rodriguez announced her pregnany. The very first person she told was one of her teachers, Mr. Piper. He was her physical education teacher. After she told another teacher, Mrs. Dorr.
  • The Families Reaction

    When Gaby told her brothers she was "pregnant" they wanted to go after her boyfriend. When Chirtmas time came around, there was a Chirstmas party and nobody would talk to Gaby or her boyfriend. The only family member that didnt totally ignore her was her Aunt. Well besides her mom, because she knew the truth.
  • The Comments

    In the begginning of the book Gaby says that she wouldn't get brought down by all the mean comments. She was doing good until she had the "baby bump". That's when evrything started to get to her. That's when she got some what depressed.
  • The Presentation

    The PresentationThis was the day that Gaby reveled that her "pregnancy" was fake. Everybody was gathered in the gym, the entire school. She started off just saying that her senior project was on stereo types. Then as the presentation went on she told everyone the she was fake the pregnancy. Then in front of everybody she took of the fake belly. Every one was completly shocked.
  • The After Math

    After the presentation Gaby says that is was complete choas. Phone calls left and right for either t.v shows, newspaper articles, or radio stations. Even with the people at school it was different. Some people were really mad about the fact that she faked the pregnancy, others didn't really care.
  • Becoming Noticed

    Becoming Noticed
    Seattle Weakly Right after Gaby announced she really wasn't pregnet, businesses like the Seattle Weekly were trying to get her for an interview. After that bigger and bigger businesses were getting in contact with her. And in her book she mentions that Good Morning America was calling her cell phone to much and turned off her phone. So they got in contact with her family.
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