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Stephen Thomas's Timeline on Sue - Lay Armedia Stauntla

  • Sue - Lay Armedia Stauntla's Birth

    Sue - Lay Armedia Stauntla's Birth
    Sue - Lay was born in Atlanta, Georgia. She was provided with the most nutritious vegetables available. Due to the fact that her slave master Bill O' Chuman was a expert gardener.
  • Period: to

    Sue - Lay Armedia Stauntla's Life Events

    This is the timeline of a African American slave named Sue - Lay Armedia Stauntla, who made a very minor impact to African American women's heritage. She tough 11 females (ages ranging to 16 - 32 years old) how to defend them self using their physical and "mental" bodies. Sue - Lay ordered a bare handed fight with the female relatives by choice.
  • Sue - Lay father's death

    Sue - Lay father's death
    When Sue - Lay was 4 years old picking the plantations at night, Sue - Lay's father was whipped and hunged for low job performances (Meaning that he wasn't doing his job right.). This caused a negative influence on boosting job performances (due to fear).
  • Sue - Lay's interest

    Sue - Lay's interest
    Around when Sue - Lay was 12 years old, she develope a interest in fighting when she saw a group of African American slave boy fighting for their amusement and entertainment. She would often enter their "jolly play".
  • Sue - Lay's "clique"

    Sue - Lay's "clique"
    During her pre - tenns to adult stage, she spanned a fighting delopement "guaranteed" for teach. Sue - Lay also developed a womenly conduct of "disbeliefing man abuse". Around the summer, she had developed a clique for undefensive women (ages spanning approximnately 16 to 32 years of age according to her saga). Sue - Lay would simulate imminent "man abuse" situations such as verbal abuse, and physical abuse actions. These women undergoe a series of pain and suffering.
  • Period: to

    Sue - Lay's Clique Process

    This was the time span of Sue - Lay's clique training. These women who participated where simulating man abuse and was enhanced womenly instinct and fighting skills of course.
  • Planning of Mission: Infiltration

    Planning of Mission: Infiltration
    This was the ending point of Sue - Lay's clique and she determined and sensed a developement of nonnegligent "man abuse". Afterwards, they were focused on Billy O' Chuman's female relatives as test subject. Sue - Lay had a planned a "beat down" for the white women, as well as testing their gained abilities.
  • Period: to

    Mission: Infiltration

    This is the time span of the planning of the chastisement of the female relatives of Billy O' Chuman. They've studied the female relatives as well as planning on what to do.
  • The war

    The war
    The women had finnaly planned a full invasion of the female relatives. They would find them any far distance away from the perimeter of Billy's house and fight them. After discussing plans, the female relatives had gone out in a group to do servitute maintenance. That brutal night, the female relatives had ntered the wrong area. Sue - Lay ordered the 11 women to attack the female group immediately. The war had began! Punches instantly flew into thewarm air that night. Many women were injured.
  • Sue - Lay's execution

    Sue - Lay's execution
    Billy was informed from one escaped relative of the fight that there was a commotion caused by a group of slave females. Billy decided a immediate genocide of the clique. Once the war diminished, Sue - Lay congratulated of their bare handed bravery against abuse. When Sue - Lay thought that everything was "down the drain", Sue - Lay's clique was ordered to the woods, where a execution camp was made. Sue - Lay was the first to be executed. Sue - Lay died of a headshot straight across the temple.