Stellena Roberts; Lincoln County War

  • Pat Garrett, finally found billy the kid in Ft. Sumner

  • Pat Garrett is presented with $ 1,300, raiseed from the citizens of Dona Ana County, and$600,from Santa Fe County

  • In the Las Vegas jail, Dave Rudabaugh,along with cellmates Thomas Duffy, A Murphy, and H. S. Wilson, picks the lock of his jail cell.

  • Rudabaugh, J.J. Webb, and five other inmates chisel a hole in the wall of their cell and escape unnoticed.

  • Paulita Maxwell marries Jose Jamarillo at Fort Sumner.

  • Pat Garrett is finally given the official reward of $500 from the Territory of New Mexico.

  • In Santa Fe, Billy Wilson is convicted of passing counterfeit bills and sentenced to seven years in prison.

  • Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and others encounter Curly Bill Brocius and several other outlaws near Mescal Springs, Arizona.