A Stellaris Campaign : Khellian History

  • Period: to

    3rd Generation Khell Warships

    Early Khellian warships were more or less tourist attractions rather than actual warships with large viewports and show-guns.
    Eventually some crazy admiral descided to take bits from enemy science ships and slapped them onto his ships as trophies. These ships tended to have abnormally high survival rates, prompting all new vessels to follow suit. Though not authentic scrap the armor was deliberatly designed to look like it was taken from whatever enemy khell presently had.
  • Mirce Armistice

    Mirce Armistice
    Armistice between the UT hivemind and the Khellian Royal Holdings.
    Beginning of modern Khellian times and end of the Empire. The war had raged on for decades and remained inconclusive for both sides involved.
    It did however shake the politics of the khell government.
    The massacre of Khell's first Colonist in Mirce caused an uproar among the population.
    This event gave the High nobility the opportunity to officially shed away the last vestiges of the empire, turning it into the royal holdings.
  • Period: to

    Mirce Truce

    Truce Between UT and Khell.
    This period of Khellian history is characterized by the Defensive Expansion doctrine. The Court having realized the danger posed by the ravenous hivemend, dubbed "Unknown Threat", after the massacre on the planet now known as Memorial in the Mirce system, descided to use its own colonies to encircle the UT, serve as military outposts and supply possible invasion forces.
  • Syndicate-Radch Defensive Pact

    Syndicate-Radch Defensive Pact
    Despite the complete lack of a proper tea culture within the Syndicate the Radch still accepted to sign a defensive pact with them.
    This is primarly due to the disrespectfull and dangerous attitude towards tea from the New Human Defense League
  • Khell-Syndicate Pact

    Khell-Syndicate Pact
    Defensive Pact Between the Syndicate and Khell is signed in response to growing outside threats.
  • Great Why-The-Fuck-Not Redesign in the Radch

    Great Why-The-Fuck-Not Redesign in the Radch
    The Radchaai military has recently undergone a serious redesign.
    After an intern that dug in a closest he was expressively told not to dig in found out that plans for advanced after-burners have been lying forgotten there for over a decade.
    This caused a massive rush in ship design proposals as military and civilian engineers alike realised the potential of sticking extra boosters in every available nook and cranny.
  • Great Why-The-Fuck-Not Redesign is approved

    Great Why-The-Fuck-Not Redesign is approved
    After thousands of redesigns of every ship model ever seen in Radch space has been proposed, the dominant designs were officially examined and approved by the government.
    In order to optimise the designs many tradeoffs had to be made in regards to aesthetic to compensate for power.
    This has led to a new trend for spacecraft to have a 'rushed luggage' look, with bits of tokomak and fusion reactor cooling vanes sticking out from hulls, straining at the legal limits on ship safety.
  • Great Why-The-Fuck-Not Redesign Continues

    Great Why-The-Fuck-Not Redesign Continues
    Following the government's announcement of the roll out of new military ship designs featuring after-burners, the Chief Engineering Officer of the Radchaai Civilising Force has come out with news of more planned redesigns to various other systems.
    When asked at a conference why official governmental worker vessels had been outfitted with military grade after-burners, he answered: 'Well, I was looking at the power budget, and I thought, why the fsck not!'
  • Khell-Radch Meeting

    Khell-Radch Meeting
    First Communications :
    -(R) You don't look nice.
    -(K) You are fat.
    -(R) Your empire looks like it played a bit too much agario.
    -(K) Hey YOU stole OUR symbol !
    -(R) No you did.
  • Militirisation of the Khellian Royal Holdings

    Militirisation of the Khellian Royal Holdings
    At first the Royal Court possessed the powers held previously by the emperor.
    However as the Royal Holding's colonies expanded local nobles grew in influence without needing the court, governors forming their own on each world. A similar event happened in the fleet. Hungry for territory for the first and war for the latter both used their new-found powers to press a far more militaristic agenda while decentralizing powers once exclusive to the government to a restrained number of feudal lords.
  • Period: to

    The Turing War

    The war was called the Turing problem due to how long it took for the three attacking parties to descide how to split the cake given at the conference.
    This debate got so heated that discussion of the fate of the NHDL was pushed to the next day. Eventually the compromise over the cake would shap that over the fate of conquered territories...
  • Khell Accidentally Civilizes aliens

    Khell Accidentally Civilizes aliens
    On the way to attack the NHDL a large contingent of the khellian royal assault corps misstook a planet primitive of non-human molluscs as the enemy after some very drunk people started pushing random buttons in high orbit.
    Due to the unplanned, chaotic nature of the orbital drop a lot of unnecessarry losses and delays were taken...
  • First Khell Destroyers built

    First Khell Destroyers built
    The First Khell destroyer is built.
    These warhips were built around a time when most empires still relied heavily on corvettes, which severely lacked in defences against the armed to the teeth destroyers. They woul form the backbone of the Khellian 4th generation warship fleet.
  • Pirates Accidentally interrupt battle

    Pirates Accidentally interrupt battle
    In The final battle against the league space pirates descided to jump into the system for no apparent reason. In fact they jumped right between the league and the combined khell-radch forces.
    This event made both sides stop firing at each other for 10 seconds as they tried to understand what the fuck happened.
    The pirates were the swiftly destroyed once confusion disappeared and had no real effect on the overall battle other than costing both factions some extra credits.
  • Period: to

    Khellian Indigestion

    Khell finally attacks the UT again.
    As before though the war too unexpectedly long due to Khellian leadership severely underestimating enemy forces
  • Khellian Defeat at E.P. Gamma

    Khellian Defeat at E.P. Gamma
    Khellian admirals, severely underestimating enemy forces, order a full scale frontal assault on UT forces in orbit around their capital world.
    Except, being overconfident, they do not actually oversee the battle itself and instead had teas and biscuits in the mess hall.
    Only when an unexploded missile destroyed the tea kettle did the generals realize what was happening.
  • Period: to

    4th Generation Khell Warships

    After the disaster at EP Gamma the entire Khell fleet had to be rebuit.
    This generation of warships is charaterized by a heavy emphasis on shields and autocannons on the heaviest platform available at the time in Khell, the destroyer. The main strategy of the Khellien admirality was to get up close and personnel and unleash the full fury of its autocanons.
  • Period: to

    War of Charts

    Radchaii really liked that every civilization they crossed exchanged star charts. The liked it soo much it became for tem common courtesy to do so upon first meeting officials from another nation.
    One alien species, unkown though related to the UT and hence dubbed Unkown Antagonist or UA, refused to communicate or give star charts.
    Hence the Radchai went on a war of subjugation on the grounds that the UA mortally insulted their leader by not giving star charts when meeting their vessels.
  • Radchai interrupt Honor Battle

    Radchai interrupt Honor Battle
    The completly cowardly Radchai did not respect a fair duel between two corvette captains even though both agreed on the terms.
    Instead the entire fleet descided to jump in and destroy the enemy vessel, much to the distess not only of the captain but to the Galactic League of Cool Space battles led by the Khellian admiral.
    This event cause major diplomatic clashes between the Khellian roal holdings and the Radchai empire.
  • Period: to

    Gamma Punching Purge

    For some reason Khellian nobles descided that the remnants of the UTs hiveminded drones should all be punched to death...
  • Period: to

    Subjugation of the UT

  • Period: to

    The Second Great Punshing Spree

    Khellian Nobility descided to have a massive party on conquered hivemind territory, get drunk, and once again punch all the drones to death.
  • Period: to

    Completly Random war

    The Radchai army got tired of always getting 99999 in the simuation score and descided to attack some random independent system
  • Radch and Khell Join the Federation

    Radch and Khell Join the Federation
    Diplomatic conversation between two high-ranking members of the KRH and the Radch :
    -(R) Soo still no cruisers in your fleet I see...
    it would be a pity if we were at war with you huh.
    -(K) (shows piece of paper) Yes it would be, for you, since we dominate the now largest federation in the galaxy !
    -(R) Wait, aren't your militarist factions gonna be really unhappy ?
    -(K) yup but it screws you up so its worth it !
    -(R) I agree, so screw you too (fills in federation join form)!
  • Period: to

    Pax Thea

    The Peace of Tea, while not officially called that way until the Tea Enforcement Protocols which turned the Federation into Religious tea-loving Galactic alliance, is a long period of peace, prosperity and worship of tea which started following the temper tantrum that made the Khell and the Radch join the federation against all their interests at the time.
    While some occasional wars, such as the protocol war, did happen they were more local incidents rather than galatic wars.
  • Exologists Refuse Principality joining the Federation

    Exologists Refuse Principality joining the Federation
    Diplomatic clash between the Exologists and the Principality causes the latter to be unable to join the federation.
    The causes of the clash were differeing opinions on how attractive the principalitie's arch-prophet is.
    The rest of the galaxy just facepalmed.
  • First Khellian Cruiser Built

    First Khellian Cruiser Built
    The Feudal nature of khell's society made advances in science slow.
    When it came to fleet weaponry this was compounded by the sheer stubboress of fleet command.
    But after decades of seeing foreign powers, such as the Radch or the various Hiveminds, vaunt their cruisers Khell finally descided to build its own.
    They are basically oversized destroyers though as khellian engineers consider everything to be destroyers by now...
  • Period: to

    5th Generation Khell Warships

    This generation of khell warships saw the advent of the Cruiser as the new main capital fleet. In addition to the new hulls all new warships were filled with afterburners.
    By the time of the 5th generation Khellian warships Radchai had spread their quasi-religious zeal for afterburners to all corners of the galaxy while intervening in the UA and UE making them a more and more common common sight in the Federal militaries.
  • Radch bans mandatory anime and drugs for True-Humans

    Radch bans mandatory anime and drugs for True-Humans
    The Anime culture lives on though...
  • Zanbor Incident

    Zanbor Incident
    Khell Scientists were wondering why a system was left uncharted in the middle of known space.
    This caused the birth of a new kellian meme :
    A science ship casually walks into a pirate bar --
  • Period: to

    The Great Purge

    After the Zanbor incident Khell became tired of pirates and other entities just living their lives and descided to punch them all to death.
  • The Federation embraces Tea

    The Federation embraces Tea
    After the Radchai convinced the last influencial members of the khellian royal holdings that tea was to ceremoniously consumed the two great power put a motion on the floor of the federal senate to enforce a galactic quasi-worship of tea ceremonies.
    This worship of tea soon spread to all nations within the Federation, which was henceforward known as the Galactic Tea Club
  • Memorial Genetics Program

  • First Khellian Battleship Built

    First Khellian Battleship Built
  • Period: to

    6th Generation Khell Warships

    Following the success of the cruisers fleet admirality went into a frenzy to enlargen their vessels. This "Bigger is Better" doctrine led to the rise of the Battleship, massive behemoths whose hulls still showed the mismatched elements from cruisers.
    The battleships themselvese actually very rarely went into battle as they would win simply due to the dread they inspired into their enemies.
    Hence, for decades this lead strategists around the galaxy to believe they were the ultimate weapon
  • The Federation Owns 60 out of every 100 habitable planets in the galaxy

    The Federation Owns 60 out of every 100 habitable planets in the galaxy
    OOC : We technically won the game but we descided to continue playing until the end-game crisis hits
  • Period: to

    Tea Protocols War

    The Federation, the Galactic Tea Club, became shocked at the complet and utter disregard of tea traditions shown by the United Syndicates sailors during their naval exercise.
    Their travesty was so blatant that the Tea Club had to resort to orbital bombardments to cleanse the worst offenders of the face of the galaxy.
  • Radchaii suffer Heavy Losses above Society

    Radchaii suffer Heavy Losses above Society
    The Radchaii fleet zealously attacked the homeworld of the Syndicate to enfore proper tea procedures.
    However meanwhile their allies, the khell, took their time arrivng to battle as their admiral wanted to finish her pre-battle tea with all the proper ceremonial procedures required. Thus the Radchaii fleet found itself outnumbering their enemy but not considerably so as expected. The battle was a bloody stalemate, with estimated losses on the Radchai side ranging from 40 to 70 percent.
  • Khellian Finishe their Tea

    Khellian Finishe their Tea
    Khellian fleet finally jumped in to assist (and rescue) their Radchaii counterpart.
    However in the midst of battle the khell fleet, to their shock, see racing-ships bearing the Radchaii military insigna buzzing about the Syndicate fleet.
    To worsen this the admiral also noticed, while phoning her Radchaii counterpart, some decades-old missiles being launched from the Radch vessels, to which their admiral answered :
    Missiles are like wine, you gotta wait at least 50 years before they are great.
  • Period: to

    War Against the Fallen

    Some called the war against the southern, highly religous, fallen empire a foolish endeavour. Others would refer to it as the greatest lucky strike the tea club had had. Finally there are those who believe that it was the Tea's Will that gave its admirals the capacity to destroy an empire which by all accounts was considered far fa superior. Whichever it is, the tea club won, and the ancient empire which called itself the protectors fell for good.
  • Tea Club Defeat at Aludra

    Tea Club Defeat at Aludra
  • Period: to

    7th Generation Khellian Warship

    This generation, following the immense defeat at the Aludra battle, was the end of the battleships for khell. Not one battleship would be ordered for the entire duration as they were deemed too ineffective.
    Instead the focus returned to the cruisers and corvettes of the 6th generation, although with improved weapons.
    In addition to the hull built changing, their design did too, with an emphasis on torpedoes and the introduction of alternative weapons to the autocannon, albait on a small scale.
  • Period: to

    Radch Tealines Realignment

  • First Troidam Battle

    First Troidam Battle
  • Second Troidam Battle

    Second Troidam Battle
  • Period: to

    Prethoryn Galactic Invasion

  • Period: to

    8th Generation Khell Warships

    The Prethoryn scourge took the galaxy by surprise.
    No one was prepared for such an onslaught, no one had enough ships to match them, no one even had enough ammunition to kill them.
    Khell had to adapt, and so it did.
    Destroyers, the King declared, will be the answers, their point defences shall tear apart the scourge's fighters and missiles alike.
    This ushered a return of the destroyers which, while many vessels still remained from their golden age of the previous century, were neglected since.
  • Barban III Battle

    Barban III Battle
    The Vespucian empire, member of the tea club, stood firm against three vast fleets of the Prethoryn Scourge in what would be one of the most epic galactic last stands in history
  • Period: to

    Scourge Civil War

    Two Scourge fleets had arrived to take over the galaxy.
    However the earlier one, having consumed numerous citizens (and slaves from khell) of the tea club, got... intoxicated.
    Basically they got drunk... on tea...
    When the second wave arrived and try apparently to coordinate with them (notably telling them to stop eating tea drinking species without proper detoxification procedures) they refused.
    After one queen threw an entire convoy of tea carrying vessels at another civil war began.
  • Last Stand of the 2nd Prethoryn Task Force

    Last Stand of the 2nd Prethoryn Task Force
  • How Many MJ to vaporize a ship found an answer

    How Many MJ to vaporize a ship found an answer
    After decades of trying to find out how many MJ it took to vaporize their ships, the fleet of the same name discovered an answer that the scourge was willing to share.
    They were never heard from again.
  • Radch Redesign

    Radch Redesign
    The engineers of the Radch went into a deep creative depression.
    They kept trying to create better and bigger afterburners, and kept failing, as those either turned into big explosions or just fizzeld after a couple of seconds.
    Eventually one engineer for some reason descided to try reconverting an old weapon, the arc emitter, into a massive afterburner.
    The details are not kown, but the weird sounds of excitment from the engineering section indicate that it was effective... at something.
  • Period: to

    9th Generation Khell Warships

    Taking inspiration from the Radchai tactic of deploying racing ships in the middle of battle to distract enemies, khell develloped advanced fighters and carriers.
    Their primary tactic was to go up to their scourge counterparts, smugly drink tea at them, enraging them, while wingmen shot down the distracted enemy strike crafts.
  • How are we still alive got answered

  • Grand Battle of Seyyama

    Grand Battle of Seyyama
    Combined Radchai, Arbitrator and Khell Fleets face off against the Scourge's onslaught
  • Galactic Peace Achieved

    In Commemoration of the end the scourge a massive tea ceremony was livestreamed at sci-con, The HQ of the Khellian Scourge Defence Forces,
    Great amounts of tea would be consumed on that day. However it was also a political meeting that should set the tone for the centuries, if not millenia to come. Should...
    In fact the only thing that was done was the beginning of a very expensive project to spread packaged tea in relativistic-speed munitions to other galaxies.