States That Joined The Union During Each Presidency

Timeline created by Chet Friday
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    George Washington's Term of Office

    This was when George Washington was president of the United States of America
  • Vermont--Number 14--George Washington

    Vermont--Number 14--George Washington
    On this day, Vermont became a state during the presidency of George Washington; home of many varieties of cheese.
  • Kentucky--Number 15--George Washington

    Kentucky--Number 15--George Washington
    Today, the state of Kentucky was born, while George Washington was the Chief of State (president). Colonel Sanders made his fried chicken famous here.
  • Tennessee--Number 16--George Washington

    Tennessee--Number 16--George Washington
    On this historic day, Tennessee became a state while being watched over by President Washington, the third during his term.
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    John Adams' Term of Office

    This was the time John Adams spent as president.
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    Thomas Jefferson's Term of Office

    This time was when Thomas Jefferson was the President of the USA.
  • Ohio---Number 17-Thomas Jefferson

    Ohio---Number 17-Thomas Jefferson
    Ohio, the Buckeye State, came around to statehood during Thomas Jefferson's presidency.
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    James Madison's Term of Office

    At this point in US history, James Madison was the President.
  • Louisiana--Number 18--James Madison

    Louisiana--Number 18--James Madison
    Part of the land got from the Louisiana Purchase, this state joined during James Madison's term in office.
  • Indiana--Number 19--James Madison

    Indiana--Number 19--James Madison
    Indiana joined the USA during the same presidency as Louisana-- Madison's.
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    James Monroe's Term of Office

    James Monroe, the fifth president, was in office during this time.
  • Mississippi--Number 20--James Monroe

    Mississippi--Number 20--James Monroe
    "M-I-S-S-I-P....uhh...." The trickily-spelled state of Mississippi joined the United States of America during James Monroe's term, when four other states joined at the same period of time.
  • Illinois--Number 21--James Monroe

    Illinois--Number 21--James Monroe
    Illinois, home of the Fighting Illini, joined the USA during Monroe's presidency in 1818.
  • Alabama--Number 22--James Monroe

    Alabama--Number 22--James Monroe
    ALSO during James Monroe's term, Alabama joined the Union, the third of five. ROLL TIDE!
  • Maine--Number 23--James Monroe

    Maine--Number 23--James Monroe
    Maine, the most northeastern state of America, joined the Union during the term of office held by the fifth president, James Monroe.
  • Missouri--Number 24--James Monroe

    Missouri--Number 24--James Monroe
    On this date in 1821, Missouri joined the United States of America; 'The Show Me State' is the home of the 2011 World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals. Whoopie for them.
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    John Quincy Adams' Term of Office

    A descendant of the second president, JQA held office during this period of American History.
  • Period: to

    Andrew Jackson's Term of Office

    The 'President for the Common Man' spent his time in office during these years.
  • Arkansas--Number 25--Andrew Jackson

    Arkansas--Number 25--Andrew Jackson
    One of two states to join America during Jackson's presidency, Arkansas' name derives off of the Algonquian name for the Quapaw Indians.
  • Michigan--Number 26--Andrew Jackson

    Michigan--Number 26--Andrew Jackson
    Michigan was the 26th state to join the USA, home of the newly suped-up Detroit Tigers, whose primary aquisition was the signing of slugging 1B Prince Fielder to a 10 year/200+ million dollar contract.