States of Emergency - Tunisia

By sov_23
  • Tunisia - State of Emergency

    former President Habib Bourguiba initiated first state of emergency
    General Labor Union (UGTT) general strike
  • Period: to

    Tunisia - 2011 extended state of emergency

    1st post-uprising state of emergency order extended to 31 July 2011 from February 2011 of 15 January 2011 state of emergency order
    considered to be 3rd state of emergency
  • Period: to

    Tunisia - 2011

    first post-uprising state of emergency order issued
    Zine al-Abadine Ben Ali
    end exact date unknown
    15 January 2011 to February of 2011
    emergency law
    - disorder of Tunisian uprisings
  • Period: to

    Tunisia - 2011

    3rd post-uprising state of emergency law
  • Period: to

    Tunisia - 2011

    Extended state of emergency law declared by Moncef Marzouki in January of 2012
  • Tunisia - 2011

    Moncef Marzouki extends state of emergency law
    5th time 1 April to end of April
    cites risks in public order despite improvements
  • Tunisia - 7th time

    Since fall of Ben Zine El Abidine Ben Ali Jan 2011
    extended for 7th time for one month 31 Aug 2012
    First called 18 months prior
  • Tunisia - 2011

    State of Emergency by president office of Moncef Marzouki
    extended for another 3 months to 31 July
    considered 7th time in Tunisian history