Road of WWII

By evelynh
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Germany had been forced to sign the Treaty of Versailles after the end of World War One. This document contained over 400 clauses that were against Germany. It made them agree to pay the other countries for what they had lost in the war, which eqalled out to be over one hundred billion dollars. It also forced them to take responsiblity for the war and give up land.
  • Hitler becomes leader of Nazi Party

    Hitler was apart of the small group for a few years and was considered one of the most valued member. He was voted as the leader of the party almost unanimously. A few months later he was given the title, "Fuhrer" or leader.
  • Beer Hall Putsch

    Hitler, along with around six hundrend enforcers, attempted to overthrough the government of Munich in hopes to one day be the ruler of the national government. His enforcers linned the walls while Hitler took the learder into the back room and demanded compliance with guns. No one complied with orderes and Hitler was eventually arrested.
  • US stock market crashes

    The United States Stockmarked crashed did not only effect the USA, but the world economy as well. International trade had almost stopped with the United States due to an increase of tax, which saturated the market for almost all counties that traded with the US. The German economy was finally starting to be restored, but plumited once again and sent the people back into poverty.
  • Japan invades Manchuria

    The now moderniazed Japan has become a strong competetor with the rest of the militarized war with a strong navy and military and a thriving industy. Because of this, Japan was able to take over Manchuria in China, which is one of the first and most crutial take overs for the country in World War 2. Even after the depression hit Japan and the government told them to leave Manchuria, the army stayed and continued taking over more land. This was Japan's entrance to the war.
  • Hitler looses the election for President

    Hitler ran against Paul Von Hindenburg in 1932 for the title of President of Germany. Although it seemed that Hitler could win, he lost by six million votes. This was one of the last setback to Hitler's rise of power in Germany
  • Hitler is elected Chancellor of Germany

    After loosing the elcetion for President of Germany, Hindenburg follows the tradition of naming the biggest power in the Reichstag. The Natzi Power held the most seats, and therfore made Hitler the Chancellor of Germany. This was done in an effort to keep the Nazis in check, but went out of handThis gave him the power of day to day Germany, which he took advantage of
  • Reichstag is burned to the ground

    It is unknown who actually burned the Reichstag, but the Nazi party blamed the Comunists and demanded that Hitler be given complete power in order to handle an impending attack on the country. The freedome of the press and personal assemby were revoked, along with the government being able to search homes, mail, and telephone conversations.
  • Nazi Party holds majority in Reichstag

    Hitler added an ammendemnt tht let him be able to inact a law without consulting the Reichstag, giving him full power of the government. Becase the Natzis hold the most seats in the Reichstag, the bill passes and was signed by the president of Germany. This basically made Hitler the supreame ruler and dictator of Germany
  • Berlin Olympics

    Berlin Germany was the host of the eleventh annual summer olympics this year. Germany hide all ani Jewish posters and restirctions and cleaned up the city in order to display a false representaion of Germany during this time. Guests were treated well and rules were changed in order for no one to suspect Germany's upcong plans
  • Japan invades China

    This was the start of the Japan-China war after Japan invaded China. After the fall of Nanking and Shanghai fell in November, the Japaneses began to masacare the Chinease citizens. At lease 250,000 people were slaughtered and tourtered. This shocking event would go down in history as the "Raping of Nanking"
  • Invasion of Poland

    German invaded Poland and only after a few weeks of fighting back did Poland loose. They, nor France and Great Britian, were militarity ready to fight back the vast German army filled with thousands of tanks and planes at their disposale. Only two days later did France and Briatain declare war on Germany, starting World War II
  • United States and Japan turmoile

    The United States tells Japan to leave China and Indochina. Proir to this, it is believed that Japan had been planing an attack on the United States, but was unsure of the time. When the two countries disagree, the United States cuts off the suply of oil completly to Japan. In only a matter of weeks does Japan bomb Pearl Harbor and the United States finally enter World War II