Stalin Timeline

By dsull
  • Birth

    Born in the village of Gori in Georgia.
  • Stalin Goes To Gori Church School

    Stalin begins basic studies at the Gori Church School.
  • Stalin Enrolls At Tiflis Theological Seminary in Georgia

    Stalin receives a scholarship to Tiflis Theological Seminary in Georgia but got involved in crime instead of studying.
  • Stalin gets expelled from the Seminary

    Before his final exams, the school unexpectedly raised school fees. Stalin who was unable to pay and missed his exams, which led him to be expelled.
  • Stalin Is Arrested For The First Time

    Stalin is arrested for organizing strikes against an oil refinery. This begins a long period of his life when Stalin is repeatedly arrested and exiled.
  • Stalin Joins The Bolsheviks

    While Stalin was in Siberia, he learns that Vladimir Lenin has formed the Bolsheviks, a political group that believes in the ideas of Karl Marx. Stalin already admires Lenin and decides to join his group, which will go on to become a Communist Party.
  • Lenin Assigns Stalin Commissar Of Nationalities

    As a reward for his part in the October Revolution, Lenin names Stalin Commissar of Nationalities. This gives Stalin responsibility for millions of non-Russians living under the Tsar and gives him a huge amount of power.
  • Stalin Is Named General Secretary of the Communist Party

    As Russia becomes the Soviet Union, Stalin becomes General Secretary of the Communist Party. He is responsible for placing others in specific jobs. Stalin thinks that controlling people and what they do, is the key to gaining power.
  • The First Of Stalin's Five-Year Plan Begins

    A brutal and disastrous attempt to bring the Soviet Union, and make it into more of a modern society, Stalin seizes farms and factories that were critical to the nation's agriculture. Thousands of people die for protesting or famine as Stalin continues to ship food out of the country to cover up the failure of his plan.
  • The Soviet Union Allies With Great Britain and the United States in World War II

    After the Soviet Union is invaded by Germany, Stalin decides that the Soviet Red Army will join forces with the U.S. and Great Britain in World War II.
  • Stalin Grants North Korea Permission to Invade South Korea

    Stalin gives permission to Kim II Sung of Communist North Korea to invade non-Communist South Korea.
  • Death of Stalin

    Already in poor health, Stalin dies four days after suffering a stroke.