Stages of pregnancy

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  • Conception

    The female releases an egg before her period begins.During sexual intercourse the egg becomes fertilized by the male sperm.When the egg is fertilized the gender has already been determined.If the sperm has an X chromosome the baby will be a girl, if it is a Y chromosome the baby will be a boy.The egg makes its way from the fallopian tubes to the uterus where it will live and grow for the next 9 months.As the egg implants itself into the lining of the uterus, many women experience light bleeding
  • Month one

    Month one
    During the first month of pregnancy the mother might experience morning sickness (that can happen at any time of the day), food sensitivity, and fatigue or a feeling of tiredness. The baby is beginning to develop but is only .1 or .2 millimeters big, about the size of a poppy seed. At around 3 weeks pregnant baby has already developed all genetic material.
    Mom should start her doctor visits and start prenatal vitamins. Mom should try and eat anything that she can keep down despite the sickness
  • Month two

    Month two
    Baby becomes more of a human form known as a zygote. Baby is now just under an inch long, the heart is beating and he or she has developed all limbs along with hands and feet. Mom will start noticing a weight gain along with the nausea, vomiting, and food sensitivity becoming more severe. Mom should stop smoking and drinking alcohol and caffeine.
  • Month three

    Month three
    As hormone levels begin to level, the nausea will begin to decrease. The midsection may widen as the uterus begins to expand to make room for baby. Food cravings may begin as appetites return. Baby has grown to 2-4 inches long and is offically a fetus. All organs are developed. They begin to start moving their arms and legs but mom won't feel that yet. The rate of miscarriage drops at this point. As mom feels better she should begin exercise that will increase flexibility, helping during labor.
  • Month four

    Month four
    Mom begins to feel more normal and truly like a mom to be. Nausea usually subsides and energy increases. Outward signs of pregnancy begin to show. Now is a good time to sign up for prenatal classes. Most moms begin to start shopping for things for the baby such as clothes, toys, and dippers. Baby is 5-6 inches long. Baby's face and heart are fully developed, the lungs are still developing and baby will begin to open it's eyes during this month.
  • Month five

    Month five
    Women usually gain between 5 and 15 pounds by this time. Mom may experience forgetfulness (pregnancy brain) and fatigue may return as mom is carrying more weight. Baby is now 10 oz and 6-9 inches long. If the baby is a girl her overies are develpoing during this time. The gender of this baby can be determined through ultrasound. During this month baby will develop fingerprints and baby teeth. Mom should watch what she eats to ensure the baby is getting nutrients and continuing exercise.
  • Month six

    Month six
    Mom may start experiencing more intense leg pain constipation and heartburn.Mom should start gaining about a pound a week during this time.Tiredness will also increase and more rests may be needed.Baby is about 10 inches long and weighs about 1 pound. Baby will continue moving but mom will start to notice the movements. Eyes can now open and close and vocal cords are functioning. Mom should watch for protruding veins as these are linked to hemorrhoids. Pregnancy-induced blood pressure can happen
  • Month seven

    Month seven
    Baby is now almost 12 inches long and weighs between 2 and 4 pounds. Baby can now see, hear, and taste. The brain is growing rapidly. Mom should start planning for maternity leave and birth-plan. Birth visits with a doctor may start happening more often. Mom should have an idea of how she would like to give birth and if she is going to breastfeed or not. Mom may start experiencing hand cramping and more movement of baby. Many women start to feel false contractions starting at 7 months.
  • Month eight

    Month eight
    Baby is growing rapidly. His or her brainwaves resemble that of a newborns. Baby is about 12 inches and about 5 pounds.The lungs and brain are still developing. The rest of the body is preparing for life outside the womb. Monitoring of mom's weight should continue. Mom may start to notice stretch marks and can use cream to prevent scaring. Pressure may be present as baby begins to push on ribs and organs. Pelvic pressure can begin as well.
  • Month nine

    Month nine
    Baby's lungs are getting stronger. Baby sheds the layer of hair that protected them in the womb. Baby's brain is growing tremendously and baby is 18-21 inches long at this time. Baby weighs 6-8 pounds. Pressure in the ribs may subside as baby starts to move into the pelvis this is known as lightening. Sleep may become difficult as mom gains more weight. Many women start getting the final things done for baby's arrival.
  • Birthday

    If the baby was conceived on February 12th the baby would be born about November 12th which is 9 months later. The baby could be born any time before or after this date. There is no way to predict the exact day a bay will be born on.