stage 1

  • working process

    date of creation :)
  • Food

    while my mom was pregnant the one thing she couldnt eat were french fries, which sucked for her because she really likes french fries but everytime she tried to eat them she would have to throw up. even later in her pregnancy she tried to eat them and they still wouldnt go down.
  • birth

    at 12:56 i was born weight=7lb 5 oz
  • Baby sitter

    Baby sitter
    as a baby like most i was pretty attached to my mom. but after the new year she had to go back to work which means i had to go to a baby sitter. she tells me i cried like no other i was so used to just being around my mom that when she had to leave me i couldnt handle it to the point that she had to get off work early because i wouldnt stop crying and she missed me too much as well. her going back to work was hard from her and i took it pretty hard too. my brother dressed me that day
  • "Ma"

    according to my sister which is 12 years older the first words she rememebers me saying were "Ma" .. i asked her if she was sure in disbeliefe thinking that it might have been mom and she said "no it was Ma you would go around calling everyone Ma even dad" she also remembers that shortly after came "no,no,no" it was funny to everyone because it wasnt only one NO it was three.
  • trying walking

    according to my mom i was at my grandmas house when i decided to let go of the couch and start taking my first steps stumbling, taking one or two steps and falling but trying to walk

    full set of teeth . loved to bite enjoyed chewy food
  • driving

    loved to learn about cars , was extreamly interested in them would always want to go to work with my dad. wanted to be a mechanic when i got older

    first day of kindergarten, it didnt go that bad i had two years of preschool prior to going to kindergarden, and my mom worked in the same building so i saw her all the time