SS tri 2 exam

  • Period: to

    SS tri 2 important dates

  • The Constitution became the law of the land

    The constitution
  • 1st Presidential election. George Washington became president and Adams became vice president

  • Amendments were preposed to congress

  • The bill of rights was decided on

  • Excise tax was put on whiskey and other goods

  • Washington ran for a second term

  • Political parties became aparant

  • The government moved to Washington D.C

  • Lousiana Purchase

  • Lewis and Clark

    Lewis and Clark set out to find the Northwest Passage
  • Slave trade ended

  • Flordia Acquisition

  • Second Graet Awakening

  • Orgean Country

  • Old Three Hundred

  • Presidential Campaign of 1828

    John Quincy Adams v Andrew Jackson
  • Inaugration of Andrew Jackson

    Over 10000 people crowded into DC to see the inauguration
  • Indian Removal act

  • Texas Population

    25,000 americans and 4,000 tejanos in texas
  • Texans rise up in revolt

    after Santa Anna put Austin in jail., Santa Anna was determined to crush hthe reblers so he headed north with 6,000 troops
  • Alamo

    Santa Anna atacked the alamo killing every defender
  • Woman Education

    !st college to admit a women
  • Orgean Trail

  • Treatment of Prisioners

    The debtors no longer went to jail, specail justice systems for children,outlawed cruel punishment
  • Texas

    Texas became the 28th state
  • Mexican American War

    Mexico killed 16 american soldiers and then the war was on
  • Treatyy of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Mexico agreed to give up the land known as the Mexican Cession. In return the united states agreed to pay mexico $15 million and to nprotect the mexicans living in texas
  • Seneca Falls Convention

    proposal for womens rights
  • Gold Rush

  • Education

    States in the north and west white childer attended schools
  • Gadsden Purchase

    land used for railroads