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  • Birth date

    Sybil was born on April 5 1761 in Fredericksburg, (now ludington vill) New York USA. Also it was later called ludington Vill in honor of her because her last name was Ludington. She was the oldest of 12 children. Her mom and dad were named Henry and Abigail Ludington.
  • Sybil’s midnight ride

    Sybil’s family reasived word the near by town of Danbeary was going to be atacked by the British! So, her dad told her to grab a horse and tell 400 minute men that the British are planing an attack and for them to get ready to fight back! She rode for 20 to 40 miles and rode from putnarncontry, New York to Danbeary. Although they didn’t win the fight, the still came prepared!
  • Edward Ogden

    After the American revulation war, In 1784 Sybil married Henry Ogden. Later on in 1799 he died of yellow fever.
  • Sybil’s son

    Sybil’s son
    Sybil’s son’s name is Henry Ludington. He was born on 1787. He also died in 1817 from cancer
  • Sybil’s tavern

    In 1803 Sybil she bought a tavern. She also helped her son to become a lawyer. When she selled it she got 3xs as much money as she used to buy it. She used that money to buy her son a house.
  • Her death

    Her death
    Sybil Ludington died in 1803. She also died in poverty.
  • Her reward

    In 1975 she was honored with a stamp by the postal service