Sports Medicine Injury timeline Meridith Tilley Gordon

  • Injury Occurs

    The body's tissues have been damaged as a result of an injury
  • The body reacts

    The body reacts to the trauma,first constricting the blood vessels into the area, and then dilation of the blood vessels.
  • The histamines arrive

    The area is flooded with histamines, released from different types of cells. Leukocytes are attracted to the area, along with bradykinins and prostaglandins, causing pain, inflammation and vasodilation.
  • Phagocytosis

    The leukocytes dispose of the damaged cells and tissue debris by phagocytosis (cell eating). Macrophages also arrive. The injury area is then "walled off" to the rest of the body to keep the inflammation from spreading.
  • Repair begins

    Fibroblasts enter the area to try and rebuild the damaged structures. These are immature, fiber producing cells. The circulatory system begins to rebuild itself in the area.