Special Education Law

  • Brown v Board of Education of Topeka

    Brown v Board of Education of Topeka
    A civil rights segregation movement. This allowed colored students to attend class with white students; Big step in special education.
  • PARC v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

    PARC v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    Required the state to provide proper education to children with disabilities ages 6-21.
  • Mills v. Board of Education

    Mills v. Board of Education
    Requires the school system to provide appropriate educational services to all disabilities; the right to education.
  • Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

    Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act
    First disability civil rights law in the U.S; protects children and adults from discrimination caused by a disability.
  • Lau v. Nichols

    Lau v. Nichols
    A significant event for bilingual education; required schools to offer programs for English learners to ensure that they are getting fair opportunities
  • Public Law 94-142 (EAHCA)

    Public Law 94-142 (EAHCA)
    Created to ensure that all handicapped children are offered a free appropriate public education designed to best suit their needs; a milestone in Special Education
  • PL 99-457

    PL 99-457
    authorized services for preschoolers with disabilities; IFSP established for infants/toddlers
  • IDEA Law

    IDEA Law
    (PL 101-476) Formerly known as "Education of All Handicapped Children Act" and renamed as "Individuals with Disabilities Education Act" Additional changes were made to ensure equal access to education. One big change was that children must be provided with services as they transition from high school. Also, traumatic brain injury & autism were added to the disability categories.
  • IDEA Reauthorization 1997

    IDEA Reauthorization 1997
    (PL 105-17) Required General Education teachers on student's IEP team; special education students are now involved in gen-ed curriculum; transition planning begins at age 14
  • IDEA Reauthorization 2004

    IDEA Reauthorization 2004
    raised the standards for personnel that teach special education