Speak 200 pages fiction. author Laurie Halse Anderson

  • pages 1 through 47

    in these chapters a girl names melinda who is a high school student is shunned from her old friends she makes a new friend named heather and she is from ohio also she basically explains what her school is like and all of the clicks that are in that schooland what it is like and all of the classes she has and she is basically an oucast because her friends all hate her for some reasonalso she starts to dream about what happened last year it only gives a little information also the man in her
  • finishing up 1 through 47

    dream is called it or she calls the man it. And melinda is not very close with her parents and the only way they communicate is through sticky notes on the counter they rarely talk to each other in person.
  • 49 to 92

    in these next pages melinda defines it as andy evans he is a older guy in high school and apparently he likes all over melinda's old friends but melinda knows something that they dont that can be very important also melinda goes about with her life talking about the things that happen at school with her teacher and at home with her parents. Also with heather her only friend and her old friends
  • also 95 to 137

    completly shunns melinda to become a martha. also melinda was invited to a party by david but she turnes it down. she is scared of something also melinda's grades are all f's and d's except for art thats an A
  • 95 to 137

    in these pages melinda see's andy evans more and more and the first time she see's him she runs from him also in the girls bathrooom she see's writing about andy that is not good things like he is a bad person he is a man whore. so she writes back and she starts this entire thing in the girls bathroom with many other girls writing about him badly...also she starts ditching school also david petriks has a crush on melinda and asks her to be his valentine also heather has shunned melinda
  • 141 to 200

    good guy and he admitted to her he likes her. also melinda reviels that andy had raped her at a party . the next thing thatt happpens is andy evans find melinda and since melinda told everyone that he rapped her he iss very very angry to he lockes her in the school closet with her and he tries to rape her again but she fights back she finally speaks out and says no! she screams and thats when a girl from the lacross team finds her and she is let out.
  • 141 to 200

    in thses next pages andy and rachelle start to go on dates to movies and dinner and melinda wnats to tell rachelle that it is a bad idea but she thinks that rachelle will think that she is jealouse or she wants to take andy from her so she decides thats its the wrong thing to do and that she will just keep quiet. also melinda has to give an orall report to the class and her friend david decides to help her andgave her a clever idea. also thinks she might be falling for david she thinks he is a