Spanish Iquisition

  • Jul 23, 1473


    spain and spain empire
  • Jul 22, 1478


    the monarchs decided to introduce it to castile to discover and punish crypto-jews
  • Sep 22, 1478


    It was intended to maintain catholic orthodoxy in their kingdoms, and to replace the medieval inquistion which was under papal control
  • Sep 22, 1478


    Torture, starvation, hanging from the arms, rack, pemances
  • Sep 22, 1480

    the motives

    various motives have been proposed for th monarchs' decision to fund the inquisition such as invreasing politival authority
  • Sep 27, 1480

    Start of the Inquisition

    started on 27 sept. 1480
  • Sep 28, 1480

    people involved in the inquisition

    Grand Inquistor
  • end of the inquisition

    end of the inquisition