Spanish Civil War

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  • The Civil War begins

    The Civil War begins
    In Morocco, a military coup is staged and takes over. The assault was under the command of general Francisco Franco and throughout Spain, rebels begin to capture cities. Two sides form, the Nationalist (rebels) and the Republicans (government)
  • Fronts of the Civil War

    Fronts of the Civil War
    Blue are the Nationalist and red are the Republicans
  • Period: to

    Spanish Civil War

  • Siege of Alcazar

    Siege of Alcazar
    Failing to take Madrid, nationalist in Toledo (about 40 miles south of Madrid) occupied the fort of Alcazar. The Republicans started a siege around the fort until mid September when Franco's African army arrived. This victory would raise Franco's reputation and raise morale for the nationalist army.
  • Period: to

    Siege of Alcazar

    Nationalist were trapped in the fort of Alcazar until Franco's army arrived on Sep. 9.
  • Franco's Army Arrives

    Franco's Army Arrives
    Franco gained support from Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy. Transports would arrive in Northern Morocco and sent the army into Spain. Nazi Germany aided the army but over time they went from sending supplies to sending volunteers.
  • Non-Intervention begins

    France stopped aiding the republicans. This would begin the Non-Intervention policy.
  • African Forces Advance

    African Forces Advance
    Once the African army arrived they were led by Colonel Juan Yague into Badajoz. The city was captured and the two fronts were united.
  • Franco becomes Head of State

    General Franco was named Commander in Chief and Head of State in Burgos.
  • The Civil War slowly becomes a Proxy War?

    Russian tanks began to take the front lines while Italian and German bombers began raids on Madrid. The Nationalist were being aided my Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy while the Republicans were being aided by the Russians.
  • Approaching Madrid

    The Nationalist were now capturing small towns on the outskirts of Madrid. This caused the Republicans to retreat into Valencia.
  • The Battle for Madrid

    The Battle for Madrid
    Now that the Nationalist were at Madrid's front door they advanced into the city. Since most of the Republicans had retreated, the Soviets (Russians) had sent more aid to help the fighting. People from around the globe came to fight in Madrid. The Nationalist only captured parts of the city. In the end the invasion failed but a siege around the city continued.
  • Period: to

    Battle for Madrid

    The invasion began on Nov. 8. The battle ended on the 23rd.
  • Period: to

    Siege of Madrid

    The city would remain under a siege for 2 and half years.
  • Battle for Malaga

    Battle for Malaga
    Failing to take Madrid, the Nationalist wanted to take control around Madrid. The Army in the South would begin to take cities in the south. Now they needed the City of Malaga. With the aid of Italian forces they surrounded the city and took it.
  • Battle for Jamar

    Battle for Jamar
    The Nationalist wanted to take Madrid again but this time, they wanted to cut it off from the rest of the Republics. The assault began on the 6th of February and ended on the 24th. They managed to push the Republicans past Jamar River but failed at cutting them off from the rest of the Republics.
  • Battle for Guadalajara

    Battle for Guadalajara
    Again, the Nationalist wanted to cut Madrid off from the rest of the Republic. They launched an attack into Guadalajara with the aid of Italian troops. However, due to there being a pause in the battle, the Republicans took this advantage to counter attack. After the fighting stopped the Republicans had pushed the Nationalist out of Guadalajara.
  • Battle for Bilbao

    Battle for Bilbao
    Now it was time to take the north. The army in the north went for the Basque stronghold in Bilbao. This area suffered to the bombings of German units. As the Nationalist were approaching Bilbao, the army in this area built the Iron Ring, which was a fortification around the city. However, it became vulnerable to bombing and in the end the city was taken by the Nationalist on the 19th of June.
  • Battle of Brunete

    Battle of Brunete
    Republican success at Guadalajara gave hope to the army. They were led around Madrid to launch an assault. The army was ordered to launch an attack southwest of Madrid. The attack went well until the Nationalist launched a countered attack that pushed them back to their starting point.
  • Battle for Gijon

    Battle for Gijon
    The final city in the North was Gijon. After putting up some resistant and failing to push the Nationalist back, the city was flanked the Republican army surrendered. Now the entire north coast was under Nationalist control.
  • Battle of Teruel

    Battle of Teruel
    The Nationalist now needed to take the whole Mediterranean coast. The Republicans knew in order to stop the army they would need to capture the city of Teruel. The mission was successful and they had surrounded the city. Attempts by the Nationalist to counter attack failed due to the winter. Finally, the Nationalist had forced the army to retreat with the help of the African Army. The fighting ended in February.
  • Advancing on the Coast

    Republican failure at Teruel opened an opportunity to start the offensive, and so they did. Nationalist wanted to split the republican in two, so they marched for Aragon, a region in North-east Spain, and Levante. Lleida, now in Catalonia was captured. There targets were, Barcelona and Valencia. Eventually the Nationalist captured a small village that would split the Republican forces.
  • Period: to

    Advancing on the Coast

    A small period in which the Nationalist advance onto the Mediterranean coast. The advance begun in early March and ended late July.
  • Peace is rejected

    Juan Negrin, the leader of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party attempted to make peace but Franco would only take surrender
  • Battle of Barcelona

    Battle of Barcelona
    Now the army must capture Catalonia. The army about to head into Catalonia was overwhelming to the Republicans who ended up retreating all the way to Barcelona. The Nationalist breezed through until they finally made it to the city. Juan Negrin, the leader of the gov't had fled. Troops remained in Barcelona but the city did surrender on the 26th of Jan.
  • Period: to

    Capturing Catalonia and Barcelona

    With the gov't split, Nationalist entered Catalonia and marched all the way to Barcelona which surrendered on the 26th of Jan.
  • Another Civil War Breaks Out

    Negrin's failed attempt to make peace with Franco resulted in another Civil War in the streets of Madrid. Peace negotiations were made with Franco and Negrin left the country.
  • Madrid Falls

    Madrid Falls
    Now that the leader of the gov't is gone, Nationalist enter Madrid and capture it.
  • The War is Over

    The War is Over
    Finally, on April 1st, Franco announced victory.