Spain's Euro 2012

  • Qualifying begins

    Spain beat Leichenstein 4-0 in their opening match.
  • Period: to

    Spain's Euro 2012

    Spain's first qualifying match against Leichenstien through to their appearance in Euro 2012 final against Italy; strangely, they both matches were won by the same margin.
  • Final qualifying match

    Spain beat Scotland 3-1 in their final qualifying match, and are comfortably through to Euro 2012.
  • Euro 2012 Begins

    Spain find themselves in Group C, alongside Italy, the Republic of Ireland and Croatia.
  • Qualifying Match 1

    Spain vs. Italy
    Final score: 1-1
  • Qualifying Match 2

    Spain vs. Republic of Ireland
    Final score: 4-0
  • Qualifying Match 3

    Spain vs. Croatia
    Final score: 1-0
  • Quarter Final

    Spain vs. France
    Final score: 2-0
  • Semi-Final

    Spain vs Portugal
    Score: 0-0
    Final score from penalties: 4-2 (And Christiano Ronaldo didn't even get a chance to take a penalty :) )
  • Euro Final 2012

    Spain win 4-0 in 90 minutes against what became a ten-man Italian team. Goalscorers: Silva, Jordi Alba, Torres and Juan Mata. The victory made Spain the first team to retain the Euro title and the first team to win three consecutive major tournaments.
  • Statistics

    Total goals scored: 12
    Passes completed during tournament: 3915
    Top goalscorer: Fernando Torres with 3 goals