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  • End of the Civil War

    The Civil War eneded with the victory of Franco, and a dictatorship was established
  • Law of Political Responsabilities

    This law implemented a policy of political repression
  • Period: to

    First decades of the dictatorship

    An authoritarian regime was established by introducing Fundamental Laws of Realm. These Laws replaced the Republican Constitution.
  • Period: to

    Economic self-sufficiency

    The INI(National Institue of Industry) was foundated in order to promote industrial development through the creation of states companies.
    The control of staes monopolies and the creation of new ones, with the aim of directing the important sectors of economy.
  • Period: to

    Traditional Rural Society

    Franco implemented a programme of indoctrination to promote traditional values. Women occupied a traditional family role of wife and mother.
    And the population suffered from food rationing
  • Period: to

    International isolation

    The Allied powers blocked Spain from participation in the UN because of the dictatorship and alos was excluded form the Marshall Plan for the same reason
  • Period: to

    International Integration

    The Western-Bloc countries became favourable to the regime, because of the Franco's anti-communism and because of the Spain's estrategic position
  • Period: to

    later decades of the regime

    It became more technocratic, politicians with thecnical training became more prominent. The regime's objectyive was to modernise the country. He also designated Juan Carlos de Borbón as his successor.
  • Period: to

    Economic development

    Thanks to the regime that became more technocratic.
    Also thanks to the foreing currency ,in which Spanish emigrants living and working in other European countries, thanks to the tourism
    and thanks to the foreign investment in the Spain's industries
  • Period: to

    Modern Urban Society

    The population increase(known as baby boom), this caused rural exodus, in which people emigrated to industrial zones.
    Women began to enter the workforce.
    The living standars of the middle class improved.
  • ETA

    It was a terrorist group of País Vasco has murdered 829 people
  • Transition

    It was a process that started in Spain after the death of Franco, the Francoist COrtes proclaimed Juan Carlos de Borbón king of Spain and Carlos Arias Navarro as prime minister

    Was a group formed as the paramilitary wing of reconstituted Spanish Communist party at the party's 1975 conference
  • Transition

    Adolfo Suárez became the prime minister after Navarro resigned to create a democratic system.
    Some political reforms took place such as the universal suffrage and the secret ballot
  • Period: to

    Adolfo Suárez Government

  • Amnesty law

    This law released political detainees from prison, excluding prisoners convicted of terroritst offences.
  • Constitution

    The 1978 Constitution was established
  • Tierra Libre

    Was a terrorist group which fought for Catalan independence
  • Democracy

    From 1979 Spain had experience the longest period of democracy
  • Military coup

    The attempted military coup, in which a group of civil guards enetred the Congress of Deputies and took the deputies hostage. This attemp failed because the didn't had supporters
  • NATO

    Spain entered in the NATO
  • Period: to

    Calvo Sotelo Government

  • Period: to

    Felipe González Government

  • Treaty of Accession

    Spain signed this treaty and the following year became an official member of the EEC
  • Tierra Libre

    This group abandoned the armed struggle and was dissolved
  • International Events

    The Worl Expo in Sevilla and Barcelona Olympics
  • Period: to

    José María Aznar Government

  • Period: to

    José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero Government

  • Terrorist Attack of Al-Qaeda

    This terrorist group attack on the regional rail network in Madrid, as a reprisal of Spain's support to U.S in the Iraq War
  • The Law of Historical Memory came into effect

  • Crisis of 2008

    Spain suffered an enormous crisis because of a banking crisis in U.S and EU in which banks didn't have the funds to continue leading money, so they stopped granting loans. This led to the collapse of numerous companies and and increase in unemployment.
  • Period: to

    Mariano Rajoy Government

  • ETA

    ETA was officially renounced the armed struggle
  • Abdication

    After Juan Carlos l's abdication, his son Felipe Vl was proclamed.
  • Terrorist Attack of Al-Qaeda

    This terrorist group attack Barcelona, and they failed in their total objective because the house where there were making bombs exploted
  • Motion of Censure

    The right-wing president Mariano Rajoy suffered a motion of censure
    from the left-wing parties
  • Period: to

    Coallition Government of Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias

  • Coronavirus

    Economic, sanitary and social crisis that suffered Spain because of this reason