Outer space

Space Race Timeline

By Tytiana
  • Manned Mision to Mars

    Manned Mision to Mars
    NASA has been working on getting a a mission to mars sience the 1950's. Proven facts show that water does exist. It will cost $55 billion dollars to go to mars around 2030.
  • Launching of Sputnik1

    Launching of Sputnik1
    Sputnik 1 was launched by the Soveit Union (russians). This was the first artificial satilite to be put into earths orbit. Sputnik also helped to identify the upper astmosperic layers density. This marked the beginnging of the space race.
  • Period: to

    Space Race

    The race for space!
  • The first animal in space

    The first animal in space
    Laika was a soviet sapce dog, and the first animal into space. She was trained with two other dogs and was chosen to be launched in sputnik 2. She died some hours later after being launched from over heating. she never made it back home.
  • The First man in space

    The First man in space
    Yuri Gagarin was apar of the soviet union, and the first man into space. He orbited the earth for 108 minuts. While in spacce he was raised from a Senior Lieutenant to a Major during his flight.
  • Alan Shepard

    Alan Shepard
    Alan shepard was the second man in space but the first person in america to go to space. He didnt orbit, although he traveled for 15 minuts, Was in Zero-G for 4 minutes. He was also the fifth man on the moon.
  • Aleksei Leonov

    Aleksei Leonov
    Aleksei Leonov was apart of the soviet union. Lenov was the first man to walk in spaceflight. He only had a bout 45 minuts of oxygen, and he walked for 12 minuts.
  • Apollo 1

    Apollo 1
    Apollo one was supose to be the first manned mission. However a cabin fire during a launch pad test killed he crew members. They died in 17 secodns due to suffacation.
  • Apollo 7

    Apollo 7
    Apollo 7 was the first manned mission sience the apollo one trgedy. it was the first 3 man american flight, and a confidence builder mission.
  • Apollo 10

    Apollo 10
    Apollo ten was a test run for apollo 11. it was only launched just to make sure that everything would be just right for apollo 11.
  • Apollo 11

    Apollo 11
    Apollo 11 landed on the moon, which means that the Americans beat the Russians in the race to who would land on the moon first. Neil armstrong was the first man on the moon and instanly became a hero, he spoke these words: "Thats one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind "
  • Apollo 13

    Apollo 13
    Apollpo 13 was the 7th manned mission,and the third to intend on landing on the moon. Apollo 13 did not get to land on the moon because a oxygen tan blew up and damaged the eletrical system. The barely made it home.
  • Apollo 17's Return from the moon

    Apollo 17's Return from the moon
    Apollo 17 was the 11th and final manned mission for the apollo sapce program. Apollo 17 was the sixth apollo lunar landing. still reamains the most recent manned moon landing, and the most recent manned flight beyond earth orbit.
  • Voyager 1

    Voyager 1
    Voyager one was launched on september 5, 1977. It has been in space for about 34 years now. it cant be visted again for another 120 years from now. The voyager has traveled 9.4 billino miles going 38.400 miles per hour.
  • Monkeys in space

    Monkeys in space
    The soviet kmonkeys to fly in space were Abrek and Bion, the flew on bion 6. They were were put into space so they could manage their blood flow.
  • Challenger Explosion