Space Race

Timeline created by mccla16
  • Sputinik 1
    When Soviet Union succesfully launched sputinik 1. Worlds first artificial satelite was about the size of a beach ball [58cm or 22.8 inches in diameter.usa
  • Sputinik 3
    Sputinik 3 was an automatic scientific Labatory spacecraft.Ussr
  • nasa created
    Congress passes legislation establishing the National Aeronauts and space administration.usa
  • Luna 3
    Firt ever mission to photograph the for side of...usa
  • John F. Kennedy
    Adress congress and challengesthe nation to go to the moon beforethe end of the decade.usa
  • Apollo 11
    Apollo 11 was to complete a nationol goal set by president by John F. Kennedy.Usssr
  • Ranger 7
    Fist us space robe to succesfully transmit close images of the lunar surface back to earth.usa
  • soyuz 485
    127 planetary motions 78 space explornation 433 whipple 485. Solar updraft 266,465 479 soyus 372 space big Bang 320 Einstien 305 laws of.Ussr
  • Tanquality
    The Eagle descended toward a flat area on moons surface called the sea of tranquality.Ussr
  • Neil Armsrong and Edwin"Buzz"
    Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first people ever to go up on the moon.Usa