Space Race

By vozzy
  • Launching of Sputnik 1

    Launching of Sputnik 1
    Was the first artificial satellite successfully placed in orbit around earth, launched from USSR. Aluminum sphere with 4 long antennas. The spacecraft obtained data pertaining to the density of the upper layers of the atmosphere and the propagation of radio signals in the ionosphere.
  • USSR sends dog to Space

    USSR sends dog to Space
    when the space race first began — a Russian part-Samoyed terrier dog named Laika became the first dog/animal to go into outer space, and to die in outer space. Laika died from stress and overheating, it is said, almost certainly the same day after being launched into space in Sputnik 2. There'd been never any intention by the Soviet space agency to bring back Laika or the space capsule.
  • Explorer I

    Explorer I
    First satellite of the United States, launched after USSR's sputnik 1 & 2. Began the 'Space Race' between the two nations. Launched from Florida, was the first to detect the Van Allen Radiation Belt, reamanined orbit until 1970.
  • LUNA 2

    LUNA 2
    Luna 2 is launched, impacting on the moon on September 13 carrying a copy of the Soviet coat of arms, and becoming the first man-made object to hit the moon.
  • Probe to Moon

    Probe to Moon
    Luna 2 becomes the first artifact of humanity to strike the moon.
    The Soviet Union launched The Sputnik-like probe from the Baikonur Cosmodrome on Sept. 12. It took 33.5 hours to reach its destination. Hitting the moon, as prestigious an accomplishment as it was for the young Soviet space program, was not Luna 2's only objective. Prior to impact, the craft also sent back data confirming, among other things, that the moon had neither a magnetic field nor any radiation belts.
  • Yuri Gagarin, 1st man in Space

    Yuri Gagarin, 1st man in Space
    Firt man to orbit in Space and was there for 108 minutes. While orbiting earth, he was raised from Senor to Major Lieutenant. He was considered a hero, and was very famous.
  • First American in Space

    First American in Space
    Alan B. Shepard was the first American in space. Ten years later he commanded Apollo 14, and was the fifth man the walk on the moon.
  • Lift Off

    Lift Off
    Mercury Friendship 7 lifts off with John H. Glenn, Jr., the first American in orbit, and orbits the Earth three times
  • First Woman in Space

    First Woman in Space
    Valentina Tereshkov was the first woman in space. Went through large selection process and proved to be the best. She was selected to pilot Vostok 6. She was also the first civilian in space. Perfomed various tests on herself to see the reactions of the female body in space
  • First Gemini Spacecraft

    First Gemini Spacecraft
    Gemini project had a total of ten manned flights. On this day Grissom and Young flew in the first. Objective was to dock in space, long term space travel, etc. It held 2 people, which is why it was named Gemini
  • Luna 9, Soft Land on Moon

    Luna 9, Soft Land on Moon
    First spacecraft to achieve soft lunar landing and transmit photographs from the moon the to earth. The probe also proved that the lunar surface could support the weight of a lander and that an object would not sink into a loose layer of dust as some models predicted.
  • Apollo 1 Disaster

    Apollo 1 Disaster
    On Jan. 27, 1967, the crew was sitting atop the launch pad for a pre-launch test when a fire broke out in their capsule. The investigation into the fatal accident led to major design changes, making the Apollo spacecraft safer for the coming journeys to the moon.
  • First Manned Journey from Earth to Moon

    First Manned Journey from Earth to Moon
    Apollo 8, They were the first humans to leave Earth’s orbit, the first to view the whole Earth, the first to see the dark side of the moon, the first to view and describe the moon’s surface, the first to experience the gravitational pull of a celestial body other than Earth, the first to witness an Earthrise, and the first to return to the Earth after visiting another celestial body. They also took two of the most iconic and enduring photographs in history
  • Apollo 17 return from Moon

    Apollo 17 return from Moon
    Apollo 17 was the final Apollo mission to the moon, the eleventh manned Apollo mission, the first night launch and the sixth and final lunar landing mission of the NASA Apollo program.
    Apollo 17 broke several records set by previous flights, including longest manned lunar landing flight, largest lunar sample return, longest total lunar surface extravehicular activities and longest time in lunar orbit.