Space junk

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    My topic is space junk
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    My question is :should the united nation impose a space junk clean up?
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    1.What is space junk?What hazards does space junk impose?
    2.How can space junk be cleaned up ?
    3.How much would it cost for a space junk clean up and how 4.could costs be covered?
    5.Should we be concerned about space junk?
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    Designed the format for the board
  • Reaserch fertile question

    Found answer to fertile question still need to find answer to subs
  • Reasearch questions

    Found the answer to sub question 4
  • Reasearch questions

    Found answer to sub questions 1 and 3
  • Start finding bits and pieces for the presentation

    printed out pictures found board and other bits and pieces
  • Email start-tech industries

    I emailed star-tech industries about the EDDEs
  • get graphics/pictures

    Found some satalite pictures of space junk around earth
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    Edited board
  • Work on presentaiton

    Edited board and shortened answers to fit on the board
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    I shortened the answers and found places to place them in the presentation