Southeast Region History

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  • Period: Jan 1, 1550 to

    Southeast Region History

  • May 6, 1565

    Spanish Explorers in Florida

    Spanish Explorers in Florida
    In 1565, the Spanish built St. Augustine, in Florida.
  • English Settlers in Virginia

    English Settlers in Virginia
    In 1607, the English founded Jamestown, in Virginia.
  • French Settlers on the Mississippi River

    French Settlers on the Mississippi River
    The French built New Orleans on the Mississippi River in 1718.
  • Slavery in the United States

    Slavery in the United States
    By the early 1800s, the United States had two major economic regions—the North and the South.
  • Arkansas Territory

    Arkansas Territory
    In 1819, Arkansas became a territory of the United States.
  • Slavery Outlawed

    In fact, by 1819, slavery was outlawed in all Northern states.In 1819, the 11 Southern states allowed slavery. The 11 Northern states did not. In that year, Missouri asked to join the United States as a slave state.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    Then, in 1820,Henry Clay, a member of Congress from Kentucky, found a solution. Missouri would join the nation as a slave state. Maine would join as a free state.
  • Lincoln is Elected President

    Lincoln is Elected President
    In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected President.
  • Civil War Begins

    Civil War Begins
    On April 12, 1861, fighting broke out between Confederate and Union soldiers in Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Civil War Ends

    On April 9, 1865, the leader of the Confederate army,Robert E. Lee, surrendered to Union general Ulysses S. Grant.