A Sound of Thunder

  • How time travel began

    President Keith wins electiona and them allows time travel to happen
  • Ecklets gives money

    Ecklets gives money to a man behind a desk. He gave him $10,000
  • Time travel

    hunters going back in time in a newly invented time machine.
  • Travis action on Eckels

    Travis shoots Eckels becasue of the change in the US with the Sound Of Thunder.
  • Killing a dinosaur

    The Safari leaders teach the hunters how to kill the dinosaur.
  • Advice from the leader

    The leader of the safari group tells the consiquenenses of what might happen with your actions
  • Eckels steeps on butterfly

    Eckels steps on a butterfly and then changes america with what is called the Chaos Theory
  • Travis is Furious with Eckets

    Travis is Furious with Eckets because he started the Chaos Theory
  • Travis threatens to leave Eckels

    Travis threatens to leave him in the past because he stepped on the butterfly.
  • hunters return home

    The safari hunters return to there homes and find a change in the world they live in
  • What the hunters find when they return home

    the U.S. has completely changed and they don't recognize it
  • Travis get angry with Eckels

    Travis get angry at Eckels becuase he blames the change in the US on Eckels