Souldbound by Heather Brewer (394 pg) //fiction//

  • 1-215

    Kaya lives a pretty normal life, with a huge secret however. Her parents are both Barons, a type of super soilder in her world. Though it is illegal for them to be together, for them to life, she must go to an academy to teach her how to be a proper healer.
  • 216-394

    Kaya is Bound to her new Baron, Trayton. She finds herself in love with him, but she cannot heal him. Finding it frustrating Healers arn't allowed to know how to fight, she has an instructer (Darius) teach her in secret. The school is attacked, and her secret is discovered, and she finds out Darius and her are Bound. But this is impossible, for a Barron to have two healers, right?