Sophie's life

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  • 12 months old: Daycare

    12 months old: Daycare
    Today was Sophie's first day at the daycare. Since it was her first day, her mom had to stay with her for awhile before leaving to work. At first, Sophie was shy but then she started to play with the other kids. Later, her mom left and she was searching for her but only for a short while. In Erikson's first stage, "Trust vs Mistrust", the child depends on their primary caregiver for care and stability.
  • 3 years old

    3 years old
    This morning, Sophie ran to the kitchen and got her bowl ready for cereal. She was impatient waiting for her mother so she poured the cereal and milk into the bowl by herself. When her mother came, milk and cereal were spilled on the table but her mother wasn't mad. She told Sophie to be more careful next time. In the second stage, "autonomy vs shame & doubt", the child is growing independently. The parents will either support this or criticize them which will result in shame and doubt.
  • 6 years old

    6 years old
    Today at her classmate's party, Sophie came up with a tag game. She got 12 children to play with her. All the kids were running around the room. In the third stage, "Initiative vs Guilt", if a child is able to initiate plans and ideas freely, she will have a sense of leadership. If her parents punishes or criticize her for her game, this can inhibit her creativity.