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Sophie Germain

  • When Sophie Germain was born

    When Sophie Germain was born
  • Started working on number theory

    Started working on number theory
    the number theory she was inspired by Adrien-Marie Legendre
  • Correspondenc with Guass

    Correspondenc with Guass
    In 1804 she initiated a correspondence with Gauss under her male pseudonym
  • Guass found out her true identity

    Guass found out her true identity
    Gauss only learned of her true identity when Germain, fearing for Gauss’s safety as a result of the French occupation of Hannover in 1807
  • Memoir

    In 1811 Germain submitted an anonymous memoir, but the prize was not awarded
  • Joseph Fourier

    Joseph Fourier
    In 1816 Germain met Joseph Fourier,
  • Wrote to Guass

    Wrote to Guass
    Meanwhile Germain had actively revived her interest in number theory and in 1819 wrote to Gauss outlining her strategy for a general solution to Fermat’s last theorem,
  • Research

    During the 1820s she worked on generalizations of her research
  • Prize that She Won

    Prize that She Won
    Her third memoir, with which she finally won the prize, treated vibrations of general curved as well as plane surfaces and was published privately in 1821.
  • Results

    Her result first appeared in 1825 in a supplement to the second edition of Legendre’s Théorie des nombres.
  • She died

    She died
    She died cause of breast cancer
  • Proven Theroem

    Proven Theroem
    The theorem was proved for all cases by the English mathematician Andrew Wiles in 1995