Some Inventions in Computer History of the 1970's

Timeline created by R.Lyn
  • Gary Starkweather & the Laser Printer (1971)

    Gary Starkweather & the Laser Printer (1971)
    Gary Starkweather (an engineer, physicist, and inventor ) Working at Xerox at the time, Starkweather invents the first laser printer. When Xerox refined this printer by 1977, it sold for about $295,000.00. Now, thankfully, printers are much cheaper allowing everyone to print clear detailed images and reports off of their computers for presentations, class reports, book drafts, etc.
  • Butler Lampson & Xerox Alto GUI (1973)

    Butler Lampson & Xerox Alto GUI (1973)
    Butler Lampson (computer scientist, developer) Lampson developed the first computer that used a graphics based operating system known as GUI (graphical user interface). This system would include the monitor, keyboard, mouse, with a small cabinet containing the CPU. This system would sell for $32,000.00. You were now able to communicate with other Altos in your local network area, as well as share files and print. The Alto was the inspiration for Macintosh computers.
  • Ed Roberts & MicroComputer (1975)

    Ed Roberts & MicroComputer (1975)
    Ed Roberts (electrical engineer, inventor, known as “the father of the personal computer”)
    Roberts founded the electronics company MITS where he created the Altair 8800, a computer kit posted on the front cover of Popular Electronics magazine. The kit sold for $439.00, assembled was $621.00. Bill Gates and Paul Allen of Microsoft were able to launch their first software program to be packaged with the Altair 8800. This machine started the phrase “personal computer”.
  • Chuck Peddle & MicroProcessor (1975)

    Chuck Peddle & MicroProcessor (1975)
    Chuck Peddle (electrical engineer, designer) Peddle originally worked for Motorola, when they refused to listen to his idea of a low priced microprocessor, about $25.00, he went to work for MOS Technology. At MOS, he designed his microprocessor which ended up in a huge list of commercial computers products, such as Apple, Nintendo, and Atari. This electronic component is the heart of the computer unit that has allowed more freedom in the creations in computer products to this day.
  • Steve Wozniak & Apple I (1976)

    Steve Wozniak & Apple I (1976)
    Steve Wozniak (electronics engineer, programmer, philanthropist, tech entrepreneur) Wozniak developed a single board computer terminal that only required the customer to have on hand, a keyboard and a TV. This computer was marketed by his friend Steve Jobs, and they sold for $666.66. This innovation was the start of a legacy. The Apple II, which came out a year later sold in the millions. As of Jan 2020, there was a functioning, Apple I listed on eBay for a price of $1,750,000.00.