Sol's US HIstory Timeline

By 15schoi
  • Oct 11, 1492

    Christopher Columbus lands in the New World

    Christopher Columbus lands in the New World
    Christopher Columbus was a Italian explorer but was working for Spain. He thought he landed on India, and he named it San Salvador, but he lands on the island in Bahamas.
  • Nov 29, 1492

    The Columbian Exchange

    The Columbian Exchange
    The Columbian Exchange was a trading between New world and Old World. They trade some kind of animals and food. In positive way, it was a trading goods for both world but this trade also brought diseases to New World. This diseases killed lots of Native Americans.
  • Oct 15, 1500

    The Spanish Empire

    The Spanish Empire
    During 1492 to about 1536, Chiristopher Columbus, Hernan Cortes, and Francisco Pizarro claimed South America for Spain and they makes many Native American as their slaves.
    They start trading across the Atlantic Ocean. This is called the Columbian Exchange. This brought many goods to Europe and America. However, the exchange began badly to Native Americans, because this exchange also brought many diseases from European. About 90 percent of the native population was wiped out by European diseases.
  • Nov 29, 1504

    The regend of Golden City

    The regend of Golden City
    Spanish sent settlers to claim land of New World, but they were also sent them to find golds, because they were heard about regend of Golden City. Many settlers were try to find this city, but they didn't found. Later, Spanish just gave up.
  • Nov 15, 1534

    New France

    New France
    During 1534 to 1682, France sent Jacques Cartier and Robert de La Salle to claim the lands. They claimed Canada west lands of Mississippi River for France.
    Unlike Spain, they were more interested in beaver fur and missionaries wanted to converting natives to christianity.
    Therefore, French became business partner with Native Americans. (Huron)
  • Jamestown: The First English Colony

    Jamestown: The First English Colony
    First England colony was established by Captin John Smith and English decided to claim a peninsula but when they settled, Indians were attacked them, also there was starving times and malaria mosquitos during that time. But, Pocahontas, the daughter of Indian cheif, maried with John Rolfe and it brought peace in Jamestown. Also She helped John Rolfe to start manufactoring Tobbaco.
  • Starving Time

    Starving Time
    There was many problems in Jamestown, one of huge problem in Jamestown was there was no food. People were always starving, so they were also ate mice,dogs even died humen.
    James Rolf had to go back to England but because of starving time it delayed.
  • New Netherland

    New Netherland
    In 1609 English Sailor called Henrly Hudson, who paid by Dutch sailed the river and named that river Huson River, and claimed the lands around river and named New Netherland. After he claimed, Dutches came to New Netherland and trade furs. Also they bought Manhattan island for only about $24.
    Iroquois were help them to fought with French for fur trade.
    Later, English took the land and named New York again.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    In 1763, after the French and India War, King George command settlers to stay east of the Appalachian Mountains and Indians to stay in west.However, east of the lands where colonists had to stay was already mostly settled. Therefore, Americans were strongly argued tyranny of King George. However, British government ignored these arguments, and they send their army in America to 7,500 men to keep peace.
  • The Quartering Act

    The Quartering Act
    In 1765, Brithish state another law called, Quartering Act. It commands colonists to provide everything for Brithish soldiers because they were come to protect colonists.However, New York and New Jersey were starting protest, They thought it was just another unfair way to collect taxs from them because Brithish soldiers weren't really protected them, they do nothing. However, Brithish government ignored this protesting and did not repeal this new act.
  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act
    In 1765, Prime Minister George Grenville proposed a new act called Stamp Act to pay off the large debt left over from the French and Indian War. The law required colonists to buy a stmp for every pieceof paper products. To protect themselves colonists start protest and cried 'No taxation without representation!'. After their serious protest, Brithish government repealed this law.
  • The Townshend Act

    The Townshend Act
    In 1767, Brithish sent Charles Townshend to colonists. Townshend persuaded Parliament to pass the Town shend Acts. The new laws placed a tax on certain goods such as glass, paint, paper and tea which are the colonies imported from Britain. Therefore, Samuel Adams sent lletters to other colonists to boycott British goods. Because of that, Townshend duties were a big money - lost to Brithish, so they repeal theae laws.
  • The Tea Act

    The Tea Act
    In 1773, Brithish command colonists to purchase tea from only one company called British East India Comapany. They sell the tea in cheaper price, but colonists thought it was another way to collect taxes from them, so they boycott the tea.Colonists were angry. Therefore, when British East India Company's tea ship sailed into port of Boston, anger protester threw tea boxes at them. About 90,000 pounds of tea was dumped into the sea that night. This event is called Boston Tea Party.
  • The Intolerable Acts

    The Intolerable Acts
    In 1774, Lord North was stunned by new of the Boston Tea Party. This cause Britain's anger. Britain's anger led Parliament to pass a new series of laws called intolerable act. This law punish Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party. Intolerable Acts grows the colonists anger. Finally, colonists were explode and they form militias to against with Brithish.
  • The Siege of Boston

    The Siege of Boston
    After the fights, colonists were running out oof gun powders. However, George Washington spread out a rumor that they have lots of gun powders. He sent a massage to congress to asking for more gun powders and other stuffs that might need for fight. After that he stole the cannons from fort Ticonderoga and surrounded Boston. Beecause of this British soldiers left Boston.
  • Lexington and Concord

    Lexington and Concord
    In 1775, British troops were marched to concord and stoped at a tow called, Lexington. Colonists were waiting them for fight. We don't know who started first, but smal fight began. The British become winner in this fight and marched to concord. This fight was starting on war between colonists and British.
  • The Bettle of Bunker Hill

    The Bettle of Bunker Hill
    In 1775, British tropps marched to Bunker Hill because Boston militias were getting stronger. Colonists fight with British three times but they doesn't have any gunpowder left. Therefore, they could not fight. But about 1000 British people were died but only half of colonists were died, which was quite big fight.
  • The Second Continental Congress

    The Second Continental Congress
    In this Congress John Adams, said that they shoud creat continental army becuase to against British, colonists have to be together. But they needed good leader who can lead that army, so, the congress voted on Colonel George Washington, who was first president of Unite State later, and good leader.
  • The olive branch petition

    The olive branch petition
    This was last chance to both countries to get peace. Colonists doesn't really want fight, so they sent the respectful letter that said and stop the quarrel and peace, with olive branch, which represent peace from ancient time. However, King George ignored them. Therefore, all colonists were understood that they can't stop this war.
  • The declaration of Independence

    The declaration of Independence
    After they sent respectful letter, King George ignored conlonists. Therefore, congress decided to publish a declaration of independence. Thomas Jefferson was writing this declaration. He was a good writer. He explained why colonists independence from British and George Washington Jhon Adams help him too. Also every colonists were signed on this declaration.
  • Battle for New York

    Battle for New York
    On August 27, 1776, the American and British armies met in New York, for promised to be a decisive battle. American began to defense of the city in high spirits. But British was strong. They were well training and experienced. Therefore, in two days of fighting, American lost 1407men but British only lost 377men. Therefore, British retreat.
  • Trenton

    Late on December 25, 1776, Washington's army secretly attact the British in Trenton. It was deadly cold weather but Washington gave his men the password for the long night march ahead "Victory or Death". British soldiers were deep sleeping happily at Christmas. American captured more than thousand British troops without losing a single man. This late victory gave a hope to American.
  • Saratoga

    On October 17, 1777 Burgoyne troops finally reached Saratoga. Burgoyne ordered an attack. and they won. Gentleman Johnny accepted defeat. Furthermore, Frence came into the war as an ally of the United States. They sent money, weapons, troops, and warships to the Americans. Spain also entered the war against Britain. American cause no longer lokked quite so hopeless.
  • Ratification of the Articles of Confederation

    Ratification of the Articles of Confederation
    The articles of confederation was the first constitution of the US.
    It provided friendship between the states, but it also gave more power to the state governments instead of national government because they doesn't want a repeat same situation with British.
  • Yorktown

    In October 6, 1781, in Yorktown, general Conwallis was resting with his troops. American and French troops were attacked them suddenly. They cut off the British navy. Therefore, there was no British ships came and general Conwallis surrendered.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    In 1783, Paris, American, British and France sign the peace treaty. The treaty was about that British have to recognized that America as a independent country and they have to give up some lands. And America give back the properties taken from loyalists. American was united from British and recognized as a independent country.
  • Shay's Rebellion

    Shay's Rebellion
    This is farmers rebellion because of AOS taking away their lands and properties.Therefore the farmers fired government buildings, arsenals and court houses.This rebellion led to change to the new constitution than AOS.
  • Constitutional Convention

    Constitutional Convention
    After the rebellion, there was a constitutional convention to change to the new constitution. They did this in secret way to do not enbrass anybody. In this convention, they creat the new constitution that gaves more power to the national government.
    James Maddison is called the 'Father of the Convention' because he was a great leader.
  • Ratification of the U.S. Constitution

    Ratification of the U.S. Constitution
    The New U.S constitution gave more power to the national government. The Bill of rights added to convince New York, and virginia and many articles added to convince Rhode Island and North Carolina.There were three branches in this constitution. Legislative, Executive, Judicial. Only wealthy white people could vote for president. It was only about 25% of the population of US.
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    Thomas Jefferson, who was the president of US wanted to buy New Orelands for the farmers of USA. So they can use Mississippi River. However the French had an idea to make it a land for the slaves but they lost all their slaves because of the haitian revolution. Therefore they didn't sold New Orelands, they sold Louisiana to USA. It was about 15million dallars.
  • Spain gives Florida to the U.S.

    Spain gives Florida to the U.S.
    Andrew Jackson told to attack Florida to stop all the raids. He was also ordered not to invade Florida, but he invaded all of Florida. Spanish and US, they both doesn't want the war. Therefore Spain decided to sell the Florida for 5 million dallars.
  • The Indian Removal Act

    The Indian Removal Act
    The US president jackson and his congress wanted to remove
    native americans to the new territory because they were getting in the way of the United States' westward expansion. Therefore President Jackson decided to make a law that forced native Americans to move to the west.It was called the Indian Removal Act. Some Native tribes moved voluntarily but some tribes fought agaisnt this act. The tribes that fought were mostly got killed.
  • The "Trail of Tears"

    The "Trail of Tears"
    There was a native tribe called Cherokee. They were forced to move to the new territory in the west for natives. They had to travel more than 1000 miles. In this long journey, many people were died.
    It was a really sad and hard trip.
    Therefore this trip is called "Trail of Tears".
  • Texas is annexed

    Texas is annexed
    Texas was the independent place but many US people lived in Texas. They wanted Texas to be their land.
    However, Texas would start a war with Mexico. Therefore, US congress decided to annex Texas.
  • Oregon Treaty

    Oregon Treaty
    Russia, Spain, British and the US were control Oregon but Russian and Spanish dicided to give up Oregon. But US and British still want Oregon because this place was really beautiful and farming land. However they didn't want the war. Therefore they decided to devided the land in half at the 49th parallel. US had the South part of Oregon and British got the North part of Oregon.
  • War with Mexico

    War with Mexico
    In April 25th 1846, Mexican fired the US, so US declared the war on Mexico. In this war, so many Mexicans got killed. They were lost so they finally decided to give up California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado,Arizona and New Mexico to the US. Therefore they made a treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo and US payed 15 million dollars before they go back to their country.
  • Fugitive Slave

    Fugitive Slave
    There was few fugitive slaves in North. Northerners were kind of helping them to live in North. However, the new laws about fugitive slave upset Northerners because they cannot help fugitive slaves and they have to go back to South. They don't want slavery, but this law helped Southerner a lot.
  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    Uncle Tom's Cabin
    There was a book called 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' published in United State by Harriet Beecher Stowe. This book became best seller book at that time. It was the story about slave called Tom. Many Northerners were like this book and many of them turn in to the anti slavery because in the book, slavery masters were treated their slaves in really bad way. However Southerners were upset about it because of the same reason as Northerners. This book was against slavery.
  • Kansas Nebraska act

    Kansas Nebraska act
    Kansas Nebraska act was about two territories would be open to the slavery. Southerners were like it, but Northerners got very upset about it. They worried that United States became slavery country, so they strongly argued about it.
  • The Civil War

    The Civil War
    After Abraham Lincoln's election as president, the 11 slavery states succeded. It was because Abraham Lincoln was on anti salvery side. This was the begining of the Civil War. US divided into Unison and Confederacy which was free and slavery. They fought with each other, so many people were died during this war. After the many battles finally confederacy surrendered and the war ended.
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln elected for 16th President of United States. He didn't get any votes from South. This really upset the Southerners because Abraham Lincoln hate slavery. They new that he will broke the slavery.Southeners don't want Abraham Lincoln and they don't want to lost their powers to the President. Therefore, they against him.