• Creation

    Sudre started creating Solresol
  • Expansion

    Parisians started hearing about this new language
  • Teaching

    The first time Sudre taught Solresol to Ernest Delvez and Charles Lasonneur
  • Telephonie

    Sudre named the lenguage "Telephonie"
  • Military

    Military got interested for Sudre's code but it didn't match in pitches so Sudre fixed and adapted the language for military
  • La Langue Musicale Universelle

    Sudre used the 7-note alphabet to write the "La Langue Musicale Universelle"
  • Gramatic of Solresol

    40 years after Sudre's death Boleslas Gajewski plublish a book called "The Gramatic of the Solresol Language" to promulgate the language
  • Sidosi

    A comunity of Solresol speakers in internets that fixes the language and talks about it its created
  • Sidosi Update

    Sidosi gets un update and they make it a translator and a information website