Sold Patricia McCormick, Non-fiction 263 pages

  • Pages 1 to 83

    This is really just explaining about the village and the family. The book is writen in 1st person and it is a story about a girls life in a very poor village in Indie. So far she has just been discribing the family and the village.
  • Pages 84 to 120

    Threw this she talks about a man visting her family. They have a cup of tea and talk. The main character is weired out by the man at first.And then gets more confortable.
  • 120 to 160

    Times are gettin gharder for the family and things are becoming more diffucult for being a girl. And her family is becoming more pooper and more desprete.
  • Pages 160-180

    She tells us about a boy she likes and discribes him. There relationship starts to improve. She thinks that she is falling in love with him.Which she is scared of because she doesnt want to cost her family more money.
  • Pages 180-210

    Her sister leaves, she feels instacure about her looks becasue the guy she likes doesnt like her back. She feels like its her fault that her sister is leaving and that the guy she likes doesnt like her. So she kind of goes into a dark place for awhile;
  • 210- 237

    She doesnt get any happier. It seems like her mood and attitude is becoming more and more ridged. She is just explaining about how poor she is and how nothing is getting better or improving for her.
  • 237-263

    This is he end of the book and she is pretty much just summing up her life, and what has happened and the hardship she has been put threw. She gives her view of the world and he thoughts on everything that has happened to her.