• The anouncement of SOHO

    The anouncement of SOHO
    In 1973 SOHO was anounced. that was 22 years before SOHO was launced.
  • SOHO was launched

    SOHO was launched
    SOHO was built by the ESA ( European Space Agency) and NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) In 1995 SOHO was finally launched
  • Beginning normal opperations

    in may 1996 SOHO began normal operations.
  • Primary mission completed

    In 1997 SOHO's mission was copleted.Scientests wanted SOHO to do more so they etended SOHO's mission.
  • SOHO was lost!!!

    In 1998 SOHO was lost! Scientests thought in was gone for good but they were wrong.
  • SOHO update

    SOHO was lost for almost a month and now scientests have lost all hope of SOHO ever reterning. The say the $1 billion was a waste.
  • SOHO was found

    A few month after SOHO was lost it was found again. SOHO began normal opperations afew months later.
  • normal mode

    normal mode
    In 1999 after all the trouble happened SOHO was restored back to normal mode and began to do its job again. SOHO's job is to reserch the sun.
  • Pictures of the sun

    Pictures of the sun
    In 2003 SOHO shot 2 warning shots of the sun
  • Extended

    In April 2007 SOHO was extended to go to December 2009.
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