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Society for Investigative Dermatology I

  • Founding of the Society

    Founding of the Society
    A meeting was held in the office of J.H. Sotkes in Philadelphia to organize a research society in dermatology. Present at the founding were Drs. J.H. Stokes, J. Klauder, S. Greenbaum, M. Sulzberger, S. Peck, D. Pillsbury, J.L. Callaway and S.W. Becker.
    Note: The photo is from the organization meeting on June 10, 1937 at the Hotel Dennis in Atlantic City. Applications were being passed out by S.William Becker (left) and Sigmund Pollitzer (facing camera) who died later that year.
  • Secretary's Report

    Secretary's Report
    S.W. Becker reports on the organization of the Society and the Journal. Nearly 300 dermatologists signed up for charter membership.
  • First SID Annual Meeting

    First SID Annual Meeting
    The first annual meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology was held at the Waldorf Astoria, New York City. The program included 14 presentations, with about 280 present; 95 members and 63 non-members.
  • JID Published Monthly

    JID Published Monthly
    The Journal of Investigative Dermatology became a monthly (versus bimonthly) publication. In the prior year, 100 articles were published, as contrasted with 41 published in 1946.
  • Albert Kligman Makes Presentation at Annual Meeting

    Albert Kligman Makes Presentation at Annual Meeting
    Two years after receiving his MD, Albert Kligman presents his work at the 1949 SID annual meeting. The title of his talk, "Immunity of the Adult Scalp to Microsporum Audouini Ringworm".
  • 1950 Board Agenda

    1950 Board Agenda
    The Board aganda included a list of all previous Officers. Since 1939, the JID was referred to as"The official organ of the SID" as noted on letterhead.
  • First Beerman Lecture

    First Beerman Lecture
    The first Herman Beerman Lecture is given during the 1961 annual meeting in New York City. Speaker is Rene Dubos, MD/PhD, "Molecules, Social Systems and Dermatology"
  • Second Beerman Lecture

    Second Beerman Lecture given during 1962 annual meeting in Chicago.
    Speaker is Hans Selye, MD, "The Dermatological Implications of Stress and Calciphylaxis".
  • Third Beerman Lecture

    Beerman Lecture held during the 1963 annual meeting in Atlantic City. Speaker is Rupert Billingham, MD, "Transplantation: Past, Present, and Future".
  • Fourth Beerman Lecture

    The Foruth Beerman Lecture is given during 1964 annual meeting in San Francisco.
    Speaker is Curt Stern, PhD, "Adventures in Dermatological Genetics".
  • Fifth Beerman Lecture

    The Fifth Beerman Lecture is given during 1965 annual meeting in NEw York.
    Speaker is Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, MD/PhD, "Cellular Regulation of Growth".
  • Sixth Beerman Lecture

    The SIxth Beerman Lecture is given during 1966 annual meeting in Chicago.
    Speaker is Jerome Gross, MD, "How the Tadpole Loses its Tail".
  • Seventh Beerman Lecture

    Seventh Beerman Lecture is given during 30th anniversary meeting in 1967.
    Speaker is G.J.V. Nossal, MD/PhD, "Bullet and Target-An Analysis of Antigenic Stimulations".
  • Eighth Beerman Lecture

    The Eighth Beerman Lecture was presented during the 1968 annual meeting in San Francisco.
    Speaker was John Buettner-Janusch, PhD, "Man's Place in Nature".
  • Ninth Beerman Lecture

    The Ninth Beerman LEcture was presented during the annual meeting in New York.
    Speaker was Henry Kunkel, MD, "Immunological Studies in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus".
  • Tenth Beerman Lecture

    The Tenth Beerman Lecture was presented during the 1970 annual meeting in Chicago.
    The Speaker was Norman Wessells, PhD, "Tissue Interactions in Embryos and Adults".
  • 11th Beerman Lecture

    The 11th Beerman LEcture was presented during the annual meeting in Boston.
    Speaker was Aidan Breathnach, MD, on the "Embryology of Human Skin" Note: Dinner speaker was Isaac Asimov, PhD whose talk was titled, "Escape to Reality".
  • 12th Beerman Lecture/Special Lectures

    The 12th Beerman LEcture was presented during the annual meeting in Atlantic City.
    The speaker, Frank Dixon, MD, gave a talk entitled, "Immune Complex Disease". There were also two Special Lectures:
    James Cleaver, PhD, "XP: DNA Repair and Carcinogenesis"
    Bernard Levine, MD, "Clinical and Immunological Aspects of Penicillin Hypersensitivity"
  • 13th Beerman Lecture/Special Lectures

    The 13th Beerman LEcture was presented during the 1973 annual meeting in New York City at the Plaza Hotel.
    The speaker, H. Hugh Fudenberg, MD, gave a talk entitled, "Biomedical Research: A Cost Benefit Analysis" Two Special Lectures were also given:
    Kurt Hirschorn, MD, "Chromosome Structure and FUnction"
    Edward Franklin, MD, "Structure of Immunoglobins and Their Relation to Disease"
  • 14th Beerman Lecture

    The 14th Beerman Lecture was presented during the 1974 annual meeting.
    The speaker, Charles G. Cochrane, MD gave a talk entitled, "Mediating Agents in the Inflammatory Process". Three Special Lectures were also given:
    Albert Dorfman, MD, "Mucopolysaccharides"
    Alfred Nisonoff, PhD, "Genetic Control of the Immune Response"
    Albert Crewe, PhD, "Potential for Scanning Electron Microscopy in Biology"
  • Beerman Lectures: 1975-1979

    May 1975: David Katz, MD, "Interaction Between T and B Lymphocytes in Immune Responses"
    1976: Bert W. O'Malley, MD, "Mechanism of Steriod Hormone Regulation of Gene Expression"
    1977: Russell Ross, MD, "Atherosclerosis-A Proliferative Disease Associated with the Process of Aging"
    1978: Hilary Kiprowski, MD, "New Era of Immunobiology"
    1979: Michael S. Brown, MD, "Lipoprotein Receptors and the Pathogenesis of Xanthomas and Atheromas"
  • Montagna Lectures: 1975-79

    Montagna Lectures: 1975-79
    May 1975: Kenneth Halprin, MD, "Cell Function, Cyclic Nucleotides and the Epidermis".
    1976: Frank Parker, MD, "Ultrastructural and Lipid Biochemical Observations on the Genesis of Various Forms of Xanthomas".
    1977: Arthur Eisen, MD, "Collagen Degradation in Human Skin".
    1978: Irma Gigli, MD, "The Complement System in Inflammation and Host Defense".
    1979: Marvin Karasek, PhD, "In Vitro Models of the Skin: New Developments and Horizons"
  • Beerman Lectures: 1980-1984

    Beerman Lectures: 1980-1984
    May 1980: Philip Leder, MD"Cloning and the Study of Mammalian Genes"
    1981: Pedro Cuatrecasas, MD, "Cell Surface Receptor Redistribution, Internalization and Processing in the Action of Hormones".
    1982: Frank Ruddle, PhD, "Reverse Genetics: A New Approach to Human Genetic Analysis".
    1983: Lawrence Lichtenstein, MD, "The Function of Human Mast Cells"
    1984: Robert Gallo, MD, "Viruses as Direct Causes of Cutaneous Malignancies"
  • Montagna Lectures: 1980-1984

    Montagna Lectures: 1980-1984
    May 1980: Irwin Freedberg, MD, "Rashes and Ribosomes Revisited"
    1981: Stephen I Katz, MD/PhD, "Allergic Contact Dermatitis-Mechanisms and the Role of the Langerhan's Cell".
    1982: John A. Parrish, MD, "Photomedicine"
    1983: Douglas Lowy, MD, "Viral and Cellular Transforming Genes".
    1984: Gerald S. Lazarus, MD, "The Role of Proteinases in Cutaneous Pathophysiology".
  • Beerman Lectures: 1985-1989

    May 1985: Thomas Waldmann, MD, "T-Cell Receptors: Implications for Diagnosis and Treatment of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma"
    1986: Torsten Wiesel, MD (Nobel Laureate), "Brain Mechanisms of Vision"
    1987: Leroy E. Hood, MD/PhD, "Biotechnology and Medicine of the Future"
    1988: Joseph Goldstein, MD, "Cholesterol and Lipoprotein Receptors: The Good, the Bad, and the NEw"
    1989: Pierre Chambon, MD, "Retinoid Receptors"
    Note: In 1989, at the Tri-Society Meeting, there were 12 offerings "Box Suppoers for the
  • Montagna Lectures: 1985-1989

    Montagna Lectures: 1985-1989
    May 1985: Eugene Bauer, MD, "Structural Integrity of the Skin: Insights Provided by Epidermolysis Bullosa".
    1986: Georg Stingl, MD, "esenchymal Elements of the Epidermis".
    1987: Jouni Uitto, MD/PhD, "Regulation of Collagen Gene Expression in Skin Diseases"
    1988: Stuart Yuspa, MD, "Cutaneous Chemical Carcinogenesis: From Animal Models to Molecular Models in One Decade"
    1989: Tung-Tien Sun, MD, "Uraveling of Differentiation Pathways of the Keratinocyte"
  • Beerman Lectures: 1990-1994

    May 1990: Ronald Herberman, MD, "Natural Kliier Cells"
    1991: K. Frank Austen, MD, "Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Mast Cell and Eosinophil Biology"
    1992: Bert Vogelstein, MD, "The Genetic Basis for Human Tumor Progression".
    1993:Charles A. Janeway, Jr., MD, "How CD4 T Cells Recognize Antigens"
    1994: Solomon H. Snyder, MD, "Nitric Oxide: A Messenger for All Purposes"
  • Motagna Lectures: 1990-1994

    Motagna Lectures: 1990-1994
    May 1990: Karen Holbrook, PhD, "Cell and Molecular Interactions in Cutaneous Morphogenesis"1991:Luis Diaz, MD, "Lessons from Pemphigus and Pemphigoid"1992: Dennis R. Roop, PhD, "Targeting Gene Expression to the Epidermis: Potential Applications"1993: Ervin H. Epstein, Jr., MD, "The Morbid Anayomy of the Human Cutaneous Genome"1994:John R. Stanley, MD, "What Pemphigus and Pemphigoid Teach Us About the Cell Biology of Keratinocyte Adhesion".
  • Beerman Lectures: 1995-1999

    1995: Eric S. Lander, PhD, "Mapping of Genes and Genomes: Genetic Dissection of Complex Traits"
    1996: Irving Weissman, MD, "Hematopoietic Stem Cells in Mouse and Man: Biology and Transplantation".
    1997: Michael Karin, PhD, "The Mammalian UV Response: Mechanism and Function".
    1998: Gunter Blobel (Nobel Laureate-1999), "Distinct Pathways for Protein Import into the Nucleus".
    1999: Philippa Marrack, PhD, "T Cell-How to Keep a Good Thing Going".
  • Beerman Lectures: 2000-2004

    May 2000: Robert LAnger, Jr.ScD, "New Approaches for TRansdermal Drug Delivery and Sensing".
    2001: William Haseltine, PhD, "Pharmacogenetics"
    2002: Ronald A DePinho, MD, "Telomerase, Tumor Supressors and Tumorigenisis".
    2003: Thomas Jessell, PhD, "Stem Cells and the Control of Neural Differentiation in the Vertebrate Centran Nervous System".
    2004: Robert Weinberg, PhD, "Rules for Making Human Tumor Cells".
  • Beerman Lectures: 2005-2009

    May 2005: Timothy Ley, MD, "How Cytotoxic Lymphocytes Kill Their Targets and Control Themselves".
    2006: Amita Sehgal, PhD, "The Molecular Basis of Sleep: Wake Cycles".
    2007: Stuart Schreiber, PhD, "Small Molecules and Small-molecule Screening".
    2008: IID-not presented
    2009: Daniel Kastner, MD/PhD, "Horror Inflammaticus: Diseases of Innate Immunity"
  • Beerman Lectures: 2010-2011

    May 2010: Raymond Schinazi, PhD, "Towards Curative Therapies for HIV and HCV."
    2011: Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, PhD, "Super-resoution Imaging with hotoactivatable Flourescent Proteins".