social:Renaisance timeline

By ebc
  • 300

    Fall of Roman empire

    Fall of Roman empire
    Roman empire was a huge empire that strechted across Italy. It fell because the people of rome were decadent and got invaded by barbarians.
  • 300

    Silk Road Began

    Silk Road Began
    The silk road wasnt actually a road but the path that merchants travelled on while they were selling goods.
  • 300

    Feudal System Began

    Feudal System Began
    It was a Hierarchial system where the king was on top then the higher clergy, nobles, lesser nobles, knights,lower clergy and at the bottom were serfs and peasents.
  • 300

    Byzantine empire

    Byzantine empire
    the eastern half of the roman empire that lasted from the 4th to the 15th century (300-1400).
  • 300

    middle/medievel/dark ages

    An era when they stopped caring about education and their art was bad. They were all focused on religion and nothing else. It went from 4th-14thcentury (300-1300).
  • Oct 17, 1095

    Start of Crusades

    Start of Crusades
    THe crusades was the battle for the holy land. The Jews, Christians and Muslims fought for the holy land each thinking it belonged to them because all religions stem from there.
  • Nov 24, 1304


    Petrarch was a humanist scholar. He was born in 1304 and died in 1374.
  • Oct 18, 1330

    late middle ages

    a time period that is close to the renaissance but is still in the middle ages.
  • Oct 17, 1347

    Black Death

    The Black Death was the Bubonic plague and it started at 1347 started and kept spreading through Europe. It caused black lumps to appear on the armpits and groin. THe lumps oozed pus and blood. It killed millions.
  • Oct 17, 1350

    Renaissance era

    Renaissance era
    A time when art, science, astrology and architecture were beginning to be important again. It means rebirth.
  • Oct 18, 1350


    A city that ruled itself and was ruled by arstocracy.
  • Nov 24, 1377

    Filippo Brunelleschi

    Filippo was a architect. HE was the first to use pespective. HE was born in 1377 and died in 1446.
  • Nov 24, 1386


    was a very good artist during the early italian renaissance. He had a unique technique for casting bronze statues.
  • Nov 29, 1390

    Van Eyck

    Van Eyck was ana amazing oil painter . He might have invented it. He was born in 1390 and died in 1441.
  • Nov 24, 1401


    MAsaccio was the first painter to use linear and aerial perspective. He died in 1428 and was born in 1401.
  • Nov 29, 1416

    Jean Fouquet

    He was a french painter. HE was born in 1416 and died in 1480.
  • Oct 31, 1435

    Medici family take over Florence

    The family made Florence the centre of the Renaissance in Italy. Medici were a banking family.
  • Nov 29, 1452

    Leonardo DA Vinci

    DA Vinci was many things. The term renaissance man came from him. HE was born in 1452 and died in 1519.
  • Oct 31, 1454

    treaty of Lodi signed

    brought slight stability to the city of Florence, Venice, Milan and Naples for 40 years.
  • Nov 24, 1466


    Erasmus was a renaissance christian humanist. HE was born in 1466 and died in 1563.
  • Nov 24, 1467

    Guillaume Bude

    Guillaume was a royal secretary to king Francois and at times was a diplomat. HE was born in 1467 ans died in 1540.
  • Nov 29, 1471

    Albrecht Durer

    HE was well known for his woodcuts. HE died in 1528.
  • Nov 29, 1473

    Nicolaus Copernicus

    Nicolaus was a Polish mathematics and astronomer. He died in 1543.
  • Nov 29, 1525

    Pieter Brueghel

    He was a flemish painter. HE died in 1569.
  • Nov 24, 1533

    Michel de Montaigne

    Michel was a french philosopher and writer. HE created the essay writing form. HE was born in 1533 and died in 1592.
  • Nov 29, 1540

    Francois Viete

    was a french mathematician who wroete books on trigonometry and geometry. He died in 1603.