Renaissance & Reformation

  • Aug 3, 1420

    Family during the Renaissance

    The father of the family during this time ran everything. He made the money and he made all the decisions in the family. The wife did what the husband told he and made sure everything was going smoothly at the house. By the age of 3 years old the children already know who they will marry.
    Source: Life During the Renaissance slide show
  • May 16, 1434

    Medici Family

    Medici Family
    The Medici family was a very wealthy family. They had a banking company and came to Florence to share it. They had branches of this throughout Italy and Europe. Cosimo de Medici had the most amount of money during this time, so he had a lot of influence. Source: Italian renaissance slide show
  • Aug 1, 1434

    The Medici's influence on art

    The Medici's influence on art
    The family supported and sponsored the work of art. The family would pay artists to do major works of art. They allowed artists to work and focus on art without having to be scared of having no money. The family helped a lot of artist gain a lot of money for their work. Source:
  • Sep 7, 1436

    Printing Press

    Johannes Gutenberg created the printing press. Before the printing press people had to copy everything by hand and it wold take along time. The bible was the first book to have many copies be formed with the printing press.
  • Feb 5, 1450

    Social Classes

    There were three different social classes during the renaissance. The first one is nobility, nobles had to be very intelligent and educated. They lived at a high standard and tried to please the prince. The next class is the townspeople, they just worked their whole live. They had jobs such as artists, shoemakers, and guild masters. The last class was the peasants, they had to work on the farmland and didn't gain much money.
    Source: Life During the Renaissance slide show
  • Jun 9, 1454


    During this time education was all about reading, writing, and math. But the most important thing that was taught was religion. Education was for upper-class boys and sometimes a smart poor child could attend school. As the boys grew up some would become traders or merchants but some could attend a university.
    Source: Life During the Renaissance slide show
  • Feb 3, 1456


    The development of lenses helped improve the microscope, telescope, and eyeglasses. Glasses during the Renaissance were very different from now you had to hold the up with your hands. Also this helped people read and glasses were even given to common people.
  • 1483

    Mars and Venus

    Sandor Botticlli created this painting. This painting has two god laying down. One god is the god of war and the other is the god of love. This painting is about the power of love can defeat wars. Source:
  • Jan 6, 1500


    Gunpowder was originally invented by the Chinese. But later came into Europe. Gunpowder changes the way we fought during war. Medieval Knights had no chance against gunpowder.
  • Jun 5, 1500

    Corruption with the Church

    Before the reformation the church had a lot of problems. A big problem was the church selling things to get money. The church would tell people that if they bought an indulgence they would be free from purgatory and they would get to heaven faster. Which just because you bought one didn't guarantee anything.
    Source: Martin Luther and Reformation slide show
  • Aug 30, 1502


    The first submarine was created by Leonardo da Vinci. But he kept these ideas to himself because didn't want to start war. So it was never build until 1620 by Cornelis Drebbel.
  • Nov 7, 1503

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Leonardo da Vinci
    Leonardo was a leading artist for the renaissance. Some of his most famous works are "The Last Supper" or "Mona Lisa". This paintings are still every famous to this day. Leonardo went on to teach later on. Source:
  • Feb 7, 1504

    Scientific Method

    The scientific method was developed further during the renaissance. Galileo did experiments and studied data to support his theories. But it was later improved by Issac Newton and Francis Bacon.
  • Nov 4, 1507


    Raphael was one of the most famous artists during this time. He was famous for his magnificent paintings and his architecture. Some of his famous paintings include "Madonna of the Chair", "The engagement of the Virgin Mary", and "The Betrothal of the virgin". He had a great influence during the renaissance.
  • Sep 14, 1509


    Copernicus, Galileo, and Kepler had the biggest influence in the discover of astronomy. They believed that the plants orbited the sun and they were right. They also learned that they didn't orbit in a perfect circle.
  • Jun 9, 1513

    Pope Leo

    Pope Leo became the pope at the age of 37 in 1513. Martin Luther had a problem with the pope because he was always using others money. Martin didn't like this and spoke out about. Leo did not like him after this.
  • Feb 23, 1516


    This book was written by Tomas Moro. It was written about a society that lives on an island. The work Utopia is a Greek word and it means "no place like home".
  • Oct 31, 1517

    95 Theses

    When Marin Luther started to question the church he nailed ninety - five theses on the churches door. The ninety five theses talked about how the church did not teach right. It talked about a lot about the indulgences. The church was very upset about this and they thought it was very disrespectful.
  • Apr 17, 1521

    Martin Luther's excommunication

    After Martin Luther nailed his ninety five theses on the doors of the church, there was a lot of people upset with him. The church wanted him to recant his theses but Luther did not want to do that. After he refused to recant he was excommunicated. But Martin did not give up, he had a lot of people that did follow him and supported his decisions.
  • Jun 3, 1525

    Martin Luther's Teaching's

    Martin Luther wanted to teach that the most important thing to remember is that salvation comes through the faith in Christ. Salvation does not come through buying indulgences. Luther also wanted everyone to be able to read the bible, so he wrote it in a language that everyone could read it in.
    Source: Martin Luther and Reformation Power Point
  • Mar 2, 1565

    Hunters in the snow

    Hunters in the snow
    Pieter Bruegel painted this painting. This painting is about hunter coming back from a hunt. They are coming home where many people live. In the picture they clearly didn't have a successful hunt. But the land has a beautiful landscape. Source:
  • Doctor Faustus

    This story was written by Christopher Marlowe. The story was about Faust which was a popular figure in German culture. But there was a myth about about the play that real devils would show up during the play.
  • Romeo and Juliet

    This book was a traditional love story. The story had two young loves who are not meant to be together but fall in love. It was written by William Shakespeare.
  • Girl with the pearl earring

    Girl with the pearl earring
    This painting was made by Johannes Vermeer. This was one of the most mysterious paintings during the renaissance. Nobody knew who she was and people knew very little about the painter. But now people believe it is Vermeer's oldest daughter. Source: