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Social Realism Timeline

  • It Always Rains on Sunday

    It Always Rains on Sunday
    The British style of Social Realism known as the 'Kitchen sink' had been precursored with the creation of this film. The regular theme being the working class in Britain.
  • Look Back in Anger

    Look Back in Anger
    This is the first film of the 'Kitchen Sink' style film. The themes of this film have continued in the genre until this day.
  • Kes

    Kes is another early 'kitchen sink' drama about a working class boy that trains a kestrel.
  • That'll Be the Day

    That'll Be the Day
    That'll be the Day was another 'kitchen sink' drama made a few years before the social realism genre became more popular.
  • Educating Rita

    Educating Rita
    During the 1980's the genre became more widely known and Channel 4 began funding to help the genre. Most films of the genre at this time were more politically based because of the hard times that Britain was in at the time.
  • Trainspotting

    In the 1990's the genre became more popular and HollyWood began producing films of this genre. As a genre it started to be seen more around the world.
  • Precious

    Currently the genre has a typical theme of gangs, crime and urban areas (City). Most characters will face economic problems and it is used to get an emotional response from the audience. The genre is becoming more relatable.