Social Realism Film Timeline

  • 1930 State Sponsored Documentary Making

  • 1940 Documentary Movement Mixed With Stars

    Conservative in style & content.
  • 1950 Free Cinema

    created by Lindsay Anderson, Karel Reisz & Tony Richardson
  • 1960 Free Wave Movement

    documentary style filming, but fictional. Challenged mainstream cinema and addressed issues around social class. Difficulties & conflict that exists in working class lives are at the centre of the narrative (kitchen sink drama)
  • 1980 Film Four

    Rejuvenation of genre through funding of British Realism cinema.
  • 1984 Paris, Texas

  • 1990 More Formulaic Structure

    to make films more commercial, triumph over adversity'
  • 1996 Breaking The Waves

  • 1997 The Full Monty

  • 2000 Dancer In The Dark

  • 2008 The Wrestler

  • 2008 I've Loved You So Long

    A woman struggles to interact with her family and find her place in society after spending fifteen years in prison.