Social Media Timeline Kyle Romenick

By kjr98
  • Social Media Starts

    Social Media Starts
    Bolt was released which is the first social networking and video site
  • The Begining of Social Media

    The Begining of Social Media was born and became the first social media site.
  • Blogging Begins

    Blogging Begins
    Open Diary launched the first ever blogging friend only network
  • Messenger

    Yahoo! Messenger was released and became the first social messenger.
  • Are you Hot or Not?

    Are you Hot or Not?
    Hot or Not was released to allow people to vote on pictures if they are hot or not. This supposedly was known to be an influnce to the invention of futrue social media websites.
  • Friendster

    Friendster releases and gave a platform to meet people for dating purposes. Popular in Asia and Pacific Islands
  • My Space

    My Space
    This would be the first modern like social media site released and grew fast with millions of users.
  • Social Media but Business?

    Social Media but Business?
    LinkedIn would be released and is still very popular today as it is used to expand your network creating new opportunities for jobs.
  • Skype

    Skype Video chat was releases which became very popular
  • Facemash

    Facemash was created by Mark Zuckerberg as an asnwer for Harvard for Hot or Not.
  • Facebook

    Facemash would come to the name of FaceBook and would become the most popular social media site ever.
  • Youtube

    Youtube was released in eaely 2005 and took off fast and is still extremly popular today
  • Twitter is Born

    Twitter is Born
    Twitter the app that is still popular to this day was relased
  • Linkedin Premium

    Linkedin Premium
    Linkedin offered a premium package and was the first social media site to offer an upgrade for money.
  • Tumblr

    Tumblr a popular picture and blogging site is released
  • #

    The hastag is born allowing people to see more post on topics they have intreset in
  • Sina Weibo

    Sina Weibo
    Microblogging site based off of Facebook and Twitter for China. Still is one of the Most popular social medias in China
  • Instagram

    Instagram was released and is one of the most popular social media sites still to this day.
  • Snap That!

    Snap That!
    Snapchat the picture and video instant messanger is released and is one of the most popular communication social medias today.
  • Swipe RIght or Left

    Swipe RIght or Left
    Tinder the dating app is released and is a social media dating site.
  • Vine

    Vine the sort video app is released and became and instant hit
  • Fake News

    Fake News
    Social media became an ocean of fake news for the Election and influnced people fake news
  • Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories
    Instagram stories are introduced and just made users more connected to the app
  • Tik Tok

    Tik Tok
    Tik Tok the extemely popular app was released in 2017 and has grown imensley since then
  • Billions?

    4.88 Billion user of social media as of 2022