Social Media

  • PLATO computer support system

    PLATO computer support system
    Featured idea of "Talkomatic" which was the first chatroom
  • Usenet

    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill created the Usenet. Users of this cite connected people to post messages and read messages. It was officially established in 1980. This was a building block to many social media platforms to come.
  • Bulletin Board System and Internet Relay Chat

  • The Well

    The Well is a chat room that was used up until June 2012. This platform was founded when Mac and Microsoft got started and was so widely used due to more interest use.
  • Skype

    Skype is a video chatting system that will be important especially with current times pandemic. This allows people to connect and feel together.
  • Facebook

    Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg, This app took over myspace by teenagers and it still used to connect people today!
  • Myspace

    My Space was the first social media platform that I personally can remember. This was a website that connected friends and family and was widely used especially amongst teenagers.
  • Youtube

    Youtube is a video sharing platform that teaches, laughs and makes people think. It brought up the idea of people can gain popularity sheerly through social media.
  • Twitter

    This is a link to the very first tweet!
  • Tumblr

    Tumblr is a blogging platform, this was a corky place where users shared their thoughts.
  • Instagram

    Instagram Launched in 2010 and is still used today. This platform had major issues with cyber bullying. Due to pressure for the perfect feed and young kids using it. Instagram also got bought by Facebook for 1 billion dollars. Attached is the first ever Instagram post of a dog!
  • Snapchat

    Instagram held the thrown of most popular social media platform for a long time. This however will change when snapchat although very different takes over!
  • Twitch

    Good news for gamers! Twitch is created and is a live-streaming system used for popular gamers to play games and connect with others likeminded.
  • Snapchat Updates!

    Snapchat Updates!
    Snapchat now allows friends to send videos up to 10 seconds long!
  • Tinder

    A different kind of social media hits the scene in 2012. An easy dating website geared toward a younger generation that is as easy as a swipe. Tinder is now responsible for many happy couples and is still being used to find love today. Tinder is also now inspiration for many other similar dating apps like "Bumble".
  • Vine

    This application is a video sharing space where people shared inspirational and funny videos this is where many youtube stars began there fandoms. I attached a link to popular vines that made me laugh!
    This app followed in vines footsteps but was lip-syncing to famous songs. This boosted music sharing and was popular amongst teens.
  • Tik tok

    Tik tok
    TikTok launches in 2016 but does not gain popularity until the Covid-19 quarantine in 2020. Tiktok is similar to vine and as it is an app space that shares videos.