Social Impact of the War

By KTZ412
  • Executive Order 8802

    Executive Order 8802
    To prohibit racial discrimination in the national defense industry. To promote equal opportunity. (Fair Employment Act)
    Megan Lastominsky
  • executive order 9066

    executive order 9066
    it authorizedd the secretary of war to establish military zones on the West Cost and remove any or all persons from such zones.
    Kyle Zwawa.
  • Establishment of CORE

    Establishment of CORE
    It organized sit ins at resturants called the Jack Spratt Coffe house, groups of core members, including at least one African American, filled the restaurant's counter and booths. They refused to leave until everyone was served.
    Gina DeMeo
  • Zoot Suit Riots

    Zoot Suit Riots
    Series of riots during WW2, that erupted in Los Angeles California. The men wore a long drapped jacket and baggy pants with tight cuffs.
    Racheal Coffman.
  • Race Riot in Detroit

    Race Riot in Detroit
    White workers and homeowners feared and resented newcome. The riots killed 34 people and caused millions of dollars worth of damage.
    Katie Gales.