So B. It

  • event 1

    . Bernie gets A.P. after her dad dies, A.P. means that she can’t come out of her apartment so Heidi has to go places by herself
  • Period: to

    So B.It

  • event 2

    . Bernie finds mama and baby Heidi outside of her and there apartment crying and invites them into her apartment, and from then on they just come in and out of each other’s apartments threw a door in the closet that connects the apartments and Bernie became like a second mom to Heidi.
  • event 3

    Heidi hears her mama say soof and doesn’t know what it means. Heidi becomes obsessed with the word and goes on a trip across the country to find the meaning and her background.
  • event 4

    Bernie and Heidi call hilltop home where mama used to live but they would never give them any information about mama. This is important because they are the only people that could tell what mamas word means
  • event 5

    Heidi got on a bus and traveled to liberty New York, and on the way she met a women named Alice then she met a girl named Georgia who was going to college and after Georgia got off Heidi met Dee Dee Monroe this is important to the story because she would have had no one to sit with on the bus and she needed an adult to get on with because you can’t travel across the country by herself until she is 15 and she is only 12.
  • event 6

    When Heidi got off the bus to switch them for the last time and she went to go buy some food and a drink and she realized her money had been stolen, this is important to the story because she doesn’t have any money left now for when she gets to liberty for the cab.
  • event 7

    When Heidi gets to the cab station she sees a jar that is full of jelly beans and you’re supposed to guess how many jelly beans there are in it and Heidi gets it right guessing 1,527. This is important to the story because that is how she gets to Hill Top Home.
  • event 8

    Heidi meets Elliot who is her dad and Thurman hill which is her grandpa and she also met ruby which is a lady who works at hilltop home and lets Heidi stay at her house with her husband that is a cop named roy
  • event 9

    Heidi figures out that mama’s name was Sophia Lynne Demuth, but she called herself so b. it, and Elliot which is Heidi’s Dad calls her soof which mama used for love.
  • event 10

    When Heidi is away mama dies. This is important to the story because now their whole life changes.