SmartestEnergy Milestones

  • First employee!

    First employee!
    Full-time consultant Robert Owens becomes a full-time employee, marking the official start of the SmartestEnergy team. Robert is still working at SmartestEnergy and is now the Vice President of Commercial.
  • First generation customers

    30 independent generation sites became our first customers after being picked up in NFPA auction.
  • Event 1

    Modification P55 raised on 30th November 2001, allowing separate VA registration of import and export
  • Event 2

    Achieved half hourly accreditation for SVA registrations.
  • Event 3

    First SVA registration was Honeybourne - a generator fuelled by animal fat. While this project was a novel idea, it unfortunately didn't work!
  • British Sugar becomes customer

    Registered first British Sugar sites - Allscott, Cantley, Newark and York. These sites were our first major Power Purchase Agreement customers.
  • Event 6

    P55 approved, against recommendation of BSC Panel
  • TXU goes bust

    TXU goes bust
    TXU went bust in October, shaking up the UK energy market. At the same time, we picked up two more British Sugar sites (Burry and Wissington - both 50M) on ETSAs.
  • Event 7

    Slough Estates modification to give direct access to embedded benefits approved by Ofgem
  • First press coverage

    President Kazunori Takeda is on the front cover of Utility Week magazine for an article about SmartestEnergy being the only independent consolidator in the UK.
  • First event

    SmartestEnergy hits the road, staging events across the UK for generators. Our first roadshow was held in Exeter on 16th May 2004, with others in Blyth on 4th October 2004 and Coventry on 31st October 2004.
  • Anglian Water becomes a customer

    Registered 40 Anglian water sites...
  • First wind turbine

    First wind turbine
    First wind turbine on the books - Longhill. Inmates of a nearby prison complained of shadow flicker and the site was duly turned off for certain periods during winter.
  • BETTA introduced

    BETTA introduced
    The British Electricity Trading and Transmission Arrangements (BETTA) were introduced in April 2005 to provide a single wholesale electricity market for Great Britain. This allowed us to expand into Scotland and establish one of our most important markets.
  • First Scottish generators

    Our expansion into Scotland begins, with our first Scottish generators registered for 1st April starts. These customers were Auchencarroch, Garlaff, Stoneyhill and Summerston (CLP).
  • Sponsorship of the REA Annual Conference

    SmartestEnergy sponsor the Renewable Energy Association's annual conference and drinks reception.
  • Office moves to Dominion Street

    Office moves to Dominion Street
    Approaching our 4th birthday, we outgrew our office at 120 Moorgate and moved to a larger office at 17 Dominion Street in the City.
  • Robert Groves becomes COO

    Robert Groves becomes COO
    Moving from Vice President of Commercial, Robert Groves becomes Chief Operating Officer of SmartestEnergy.
  • Ipswich office opens

    Ipswich office opens
    SmartestEnergy's retail business is launched and the Ipswich office opens at IP City Centre with 16 staff.
  • Event 18

    Event 18
    SmartestEnergy launch the retail business at The Energy Event
  • First Retail Customer

    First Retail Customer
    SmartestEnergy signs it's very first retail customer, Barnados.
  • 100th Retail Customer Signed!

    SmartestEnergy signs it's 100th retail customer, AAH Pharmaceuticals.
  • Event 19

    First Arcadia sites supplied.
  • Scottish Annual Conference

    SmartestEnergy holds it's first Scottish Annual Conference in Glasgow.
  • Purchase additional power from Infinis

    SmartestEnergy purchase an additional 48MW of renewable power from Infinis.
  • New retail customer: Marks and Spencer

    SmartestEnergy secure deal with Marks and Spencer.
  • SmartestEnergy sponsor at the Green Energy Awards

    SmartestEnergy sponsor at the Green Energy Awards
    SmartestEnergy sponsor "Best Renewable Project" at the Green Energy Awards.
  • First Retail Conference

    SmartestEnergy's first retail annual conference held at the Glazier Hall in London
  • Amcor signs Flexi contract

    SmartestEnergy agrees Flexi contract with Amcor.
  • Event 20

    We moved offices to Dashwood House.
  • Retail signs Toyota Motor Manufacturing

    SmartestEnergy secures a new customer with Toyota Motor Manufacturing
  • SmartestEnergy tops Datamonitor Major Energy Users survey!

    SmartestEnergy ranked first for customer service in the Datamonitor 2010 Major Energy Users survey!
  • First SmartestEnergy Annual Review

    SmartestEnergy launch their first independent annual review.
  • SmartestEnergy powering a city's streets

    The streets of the City of Salford in Greater Manchester are being lit by renewable energy following the first contract win of its kind by SmartestEnergy.
  • Ipswich office move supports SmartestEnergy's growth plans

    SmartestEnergy's Ipswich-based teams move to larger premises, Grafton House, as they gear up to support ambitious expansion plans for the business.
  • Scottish Office Opening in Glasgow.

    Growing demand from businesses, landowners and communities north of the border led SmartestEnergy to establish a new office in Glasgow.
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